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The Great Box goes home
Recently, I
attended a potlatch on Haida Gwaii in which a respected activist, artist and
political leader stepped into the clan chieftainship of the Ravens of Skedans.
Although I have worked with Haida people since 1998 and made many trips to
Haida Gwaii, I...

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Student power: eyes for those who cannot visit
This past
term, graduate students in the University of Oxford seminar ‘Powerful Things’ (offered in the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography) acted as the eyes for
two different Indigenous communities, recording visual information and taking
notes ...

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Cuneiform tablet, Iraq. Bronze Age Babylonia. 1966.32.76. Literacy originated in what is now Iraq and surrounding countries. #museumsfordiversity PRM 1966.32.76

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Refugees Welcome Here!
As a museum of human history and cross-cultural diversity, a place celebrating human creativity and a space of reflection about the failures of cross-cultural relationships, the Pitt Rivers Museum has chosen in its recent Strategic Plan to work actively wit...

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Powerful Things: a graduate seminar in museum anthropology
I’m really
excited to teach my graduate seminar this term. We are focusing on 3
spectacular items of Indigenous heritage, with discussion sessions around
those, and working with two different communities to answer their questions
about the items we are exam...

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Please support the Origins and Futures bursary!
I am delighted to say that the University of Oxford has now
launched a major campaign to create a scholarship for members of communities of
origin to spend time in Oxford learning from heritage items which are in the
Pitt Rivers Museum collections. The Orig...

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Postcolonial Museum Practice: 'displayed withholding' and long term engagements
Onciul came up from Exeter on Friday to give the Pitt Rivers Museum/Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology weekly research seminar, and
spoke about her work on four very different sites of cultural representation
with and by Blackfoot peoples in Al...

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Visiting with the Ancestors: the book!
I am so happy to see the book
about the Blackfoot Shirts Project, Visiting with the Ancestors: Blackfoot
Shirts in Museum Spaces , finally available in material form! It is available as a gorgeous
paperback, and as a FREE pdf download, from the University o...

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Material culture, politics, museums, and a Royal visit to Haida Gwaii
Richard Lam, Vancouver Sun (reposted
from The Province). I greatly
admire the respectful and diplomatic way in which the Haida nation recently hosted
the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. In accordance with ancient Haida protocol,
Haida people show...

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Uneven consultation
Museum anthropologists always look for the politics in the relations between museums and indigenous peoples, the relations of power, what is unsaid as well as what is said. In the last
few weeks, there have been several articles in Canadian media sources ab...
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