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Boutique Taijiquan and Qigong school providing the very best tuition and instruction to individuals and corporations throughout Victoria.
Boutique Taijiquan and Qigong school providing the very best tuition and instruction to individuals and corporations throughout Victoria.

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The stage-diving wild child of rock, Iggy Pop of The Stooges, credits 40 minutes of Qigong a day with staying on the road, staying sane and still having pecs at 65 years of age; Lou Reed, singer and guitarist from The Velvet Underground tamed his "rock and roll animal" by practicing Tai Chi for three hours a day; The American Grammy winning music producer, actor, rapper and leader of the Wu Tan Clan (rap group), RZA has trained in Kung Fu and Tai Chi for a number of years, and says it keeps him on track.
Wow, if these guys have been doing Tai Chi and Qigong, it must be cool and it must be good! They are not part of a celebrity fad; each of them practiced long before Tai Chi was in the mainstream. They are also joined by a diverse A-list that has found benefit in these ancient Chinese Arts. Names like Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Duvall, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mel Gibson, and closer to home, Jack Thompson, all come up in the Who’s Who of Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners. Read the whole story on our website...

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JinLi OnLine Store NOW OPEN!
Easy, affordable and reliable access to quality Taiji clothing, weaponry and accessories has always been extremely "hit and miss" in Australia. The JinLi Team has felt this acutely over the years and wanted to find a way to ensure practitioners have professional access to what they need, when they need it. So, we've managed to secure relationships with fantastic suppliers both here and in China to make sure you get the very best. We've now put a selection of our "endeavours" online for everyone to benefit from. This will continue to grow as we find more ways of making your lives easier. Have a browse and if there is anything else you would like us to keep in stock, please let us know -

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Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to live on campus at the most prestigious sports university in China, Beijing Sport University, and study under some of the most highly recognised Taiji and Qigong Professors in the world. For more information please go to the website...

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Saturday morning in Taradale, a vibrant rural hamlet half way between Melbourne and Bendigo, a pit stop during the 1800's gold rush and our country home for the annual JinLi Retreat.
We commence our first session of two day training by undertaking Shibashi Taiji Qigong Set 1, taught by Master Tara Brayshaw. This routine encapsulates the philosophy of Taiji in the joy of its rounded, flowing movements. We feel calm yet energised and continue onto Dong Yue Taiji Duan Gun (Short Staff) Form 1. Dong Yue focuses on the concepts of Heaven, Earth and Man, a rich and harmonious balance between the participant’s internal Qi and their space in the world. Our simple martial arts weapon is Duan Gun, a short staff I felt acted as an agent to draw energy from both above and below to expand the Qi.
The JinLi Annual Retreat is an opportunity to extend your Tai Chi practice, relax with friends and increase your wellbeing for the upcoming Winter months. Mark it in your calendar for next year.

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Every Thursday from 4 May to 8 June 2017.
Places Limited so don't miss out!
A course designed to expand mental and physical awareness.
A fantastic opportunity to:
- Increase self-awareness, sharpen memory and reduce stress
- Discover the scientific benefits of mindfulness
- Learn how to develop your focus and enhance creative skills
- Enter a space to relax, restore and reconnect
The course will be conducted by Dr Lisa Pizaro

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Dong Yue (East Mountain) Taiji is a style that many people consider to be the Taiji of the 21st Century as it unites diverse martial systems into a cohesive whole. Created by Professors Men Hui Feng and Kan Gui Xiang to commemorate the New Millennium, Dong Yue focuses on the concepts of Heaven, Earth and Man, combining the very best of the internal martial arts Taiji, Xingyi, Bagua, Baji, Chuo Jiao and Fanzi to create a harmonious and rich expression of Qi flow and balance. JinLi was very excited to have the opportunity of studying the Dong Yue Taiji Duan Gun (Short Staff) at a weekend workshop recently. Read more on our blog - 

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Exciting New Taiji Class – Northcote – Commencing 19 April
We are very excited to announce the opening of a brand new Taiji and Qigong class in Northcote on Wednesday evenings – 6.30 to 7.30pm headed up by our own Sifu Lily Liang. If you have been thinking about taking another class, then this might be the perfect time to do it; or you might have a friend you’ve been trying to get into Taiji, so please spread the word. For all our class details please go to -

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Don't miss the JinLi Annual Tai Chi Retreat Weekend - 7 to 9 April. The perfect way to spend a weekend... amazing Tai Chi and Qigong training, amazing food, amazing people, amazing location. Is there anything more you could want??? Book early as numbers are limited!!! For all the details please go to the website...

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JinLi was honoured to receive an invitation from Indonesia asking us to share our knowledge and love of Tai Chi with the people in Java.
So in January, Master Tara Brayshaw and Sifu Lyn travelled to Surabaya and Jakarta to teach Tai Chi and Qigong to a variety of people in those cities. Their teaching was extremely well received and led to many of the participants wanting to take up Tai Chi on a regular basis.
Read more on our Blog.

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2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster and we are sure many of you will be happy to see the back of the chaotic Monkey Year. The Monkey year is usually full of surprises both good and bad so the Rooster is sure to be a refreshing change although it will still present its challenges.
All in all, for Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners, the Rooster should be a good year. We usually display traits of focus, hard work and mutual support, which will hold us in good stead. So have a great year!!
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