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Sarah Snider
So real I'm corpo-real...get it?
So real I'm corpo-real...get it?

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Re-Vamp: because I like the word "vamp"
You ever stare at a title of a novel until you finally realize, nope that's not right?  That's not what I want to call it!  Well, I had this same similar moment recently with the title for my blog.  I felt as though it did not encompass the ever-broadening ...

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Something That Looks Like Stress
This. This is what my life feels like.
You know that moment when you realize you’ve been juggling so many
avenues of life that your brain finally decides it’s done and stops
processing rational thought? Oh, your body is going through the
motions of your ...

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Dreams of Publishing
From time to time I find myself dreaming of the day when
I’ll get to write for a living.   Okay,
let’s be realistic here, I often spend a good amount of time dreaming in
general.   I’m a dreamer.   So, sue me.   It’s what I do.   Regardless, the dreaming ha...

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Oh my gah! He's so cute!!
"Don't call me 'cute!' Stop it! I AM THE NIGHT!" Adorable Batman 3D Sculpt by Luis Gomez-Guzman:

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Fear and Writing in Greensboro
I put my hands to the keyboard this morning and I have not been sure for most of the day what it is I want to say.  The plight of the writer, I suppose.  I know there is something that I want to say.  I can feel the itching below the surface of my skin, and...

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My Son Vs. Sleep
I woke up not to my alarm clock this morning, but to the chipper sound of my son playing blocks at 5:30am.  I had planned to sleep a little later than this.  It's hard to explain to a three year old that Mommy normally wakes up at 5:30 to go to the gym befo...

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Writer Burlesque
I have been geeking out about writing lately, and it seems that my creative brain has been pulled in a hundred different directions.  All of which are baring fruit that some magazine will hopefully want to gobble up and ask for me in the near future. It has...

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Updates and Rambly Thoughts (is rambly a word?)
Just letting folks know that I'm revamping things a bit on the blog here.  I've posted some of my poetry, and I'll be posting some short stories soon.  Also, to come on the horizon is a section of short stories, Roleplay Fanfiction, and more reviews about m...

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Avengers: Age of Ultron (NO Spoilers)
I am sure that every blog across the massive internet tubes is blowing up about the Avengers movie that just came out this weekend. In the box office it has already grossed over $27.6 million, and for good reason! I was positively giddy to see this movie, 1...

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13 Ghosts--- No All Inheritance Is Good
My first thought with this movie is always that Cyrus Kriticos, the uncle who dies and leaves all his wealth to his family, must have really hated his family.  Along with his wealth he leaves his house, which is essentially a giant puzzle to trap in the mos...
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