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Seeing Sherlock Holmes and MI4 this week. If those don't make my top five the final list might look like: 1. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close 2. The Artist 3. The Descendants 4. Drive 5. Like Crazy

Seeing Rum Diary this evening. Poll: More likely to have a successful adaptation based upon his work, Hunter S. Thompson or Kurt Vonnegut?

Today KLOUT told me I'm influential on the subject of "war". Really? War? In film criticism? (puts down Sun Tzu book, backs slowly away)

My top ten of 2011 (so far, not in order): Drive / Like Crazy / The Artist / Attack the Block / Midnight in Paris / Bellflower / Moneyball / Anonymous / 50.50 / Shame. Further deets as events warrant.

I think one day we're all gonna hear the words "Seth Rogen for Best Supporting Actor" and not be completely freaked out. Not this year ... but within two decades.

Six of my top seven films for 2011 (so far) haven't even hit 100 theaters yet:

1. Like Crazy (A+)
2. The Artist (A+)
3. Attack the Block (A)
4. Bellflower (A)
5. Midnight in Paris (A-)
6. Margin Call (A-)
7. We Need to Talk About Kevin (A-)

The takeaway is that plenty of good stuff is still coming your way if you're a film lover, promise. :)

Just watched Bellflower, an intense and interesting film. The massive advantage the new crop of indie filmmakers have over glossy studio movies is in the imperfections. Bellflower is great because it makes you think, and is elusive ... focus group free.

Who is the audience for Rise of the Planet of the Apes? And I'm not asking in a mean way, just legitimately perplexed as to where the fans of this franchise are at.

This weekend's movie rankings: 1) Attack the Block 2) Crazy Stupid Love 3) Cowboys and Aliens 4) The Smurfs 112) Zookeeper

I caught the trailer for Battleship before Cowboys and Aliens screening. So far as I could tell, it was Peter Berg's jealous love letter to Michael Bay.
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