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Justan Garcia
Outrageously outrageous!
Outrageously outrageous!
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oh its going to be one of THOSE weeks...ok

"I need to bring my dog everywhere because I've emotional problems" = the most pathetic thing I've ever heard 

If a crow has black babies and a seagull has white babies, what bird has no babies? 

More awesome for you! 

Tres Gatos Locos! 

#WTF is up with foursquare needing a 2nd app? #wasteoftime 

Howard the Duck!? Bring it, Marvel! 

Read Tom Hiddleston and Joss Whedon's exuberant emails on the prospect of playing Loki 

The recent announcements surrounding the Last of Us film adaptation both excites or concerns me.... 

Does anyone else think this might be the biggest entertainment angle since joaquin pheonix's retirement? 
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