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Caleb Young
Accounting Student, Computer nerd.
Accounting Student, Computer nerd.

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A rebirth, the post of 1/14/17
Well, much as happened since the last post. I quit a job after the assistant manager started harassing me. So I had a girlfriend for three months, she broke up with me for someone she said was better looking. Turned out he wasn't what she wanted, so she tri...

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About Me
Yo everyone! Trying another attempt at keeping this darn thing going. So I figured I talk about myself a bit. So a quick background about me is I was born Caleb Aaron Young in October of  '91. My family semi-struggled for a time with finances as my parents ...

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New Creed
I am angry now. I now declare my hatred and war on God and his followers, all of them. They do nothing but hurt and back stab me. They can't be trusted, and are the most hypocritical people alive. I hate them and wish all the pain upon that they deserve. I ...

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Nervousness - 12/5/14
Well...I am a nervous wreck right now. I made some bets with coworkers, and my boss. My boss told me to add a woman to my facebook friend list. This woman was my therapist, and which I regret every moment of it. My boss, from how I always talk about her, an...

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So close - 9/27/14
Not much to say. I just don't have the energy to do much of anything anymore. I don't enjoy doing anything anymore. My life is get up for school, go to work, and sleep. I don't feel I want to live anymore. I desperately pray I will get a chance to just fini...

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/Rant - 9/23/14
/Rant : I have had a bad day. It seems like everyone I met to today wrote me off as a human being. I am overweight. And it seems like everyone I meet never looks past that. And its driving me to the point I just want to make everyone suffer. I say #FUCKYOU ...

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Chaos Reigning - 9/22/14
Last four or five days have been chaotic. I started work as a custodial worker at a church. I've been working hard on my diet and trying to exercise when I have time. Been thinking a lot and none of it good. Last Thursday got into a fight with my father ove...

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The Ultimate question - 9/18/14
Been doing a lot of thinking lately. I have been taking care of myself physically and mentally. But I still feel empty, like a hole is in my heart and nothing can fill it. I try not to, but I have been thinking a lot about what happened to me, and also abou...

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Ready and Able - 9/17/16
Monday, I worked a good 3.12 hours for my job as a night shift custodial worker. I was sore as all get out by the time I was done. Yesterday I woke up and was even more sore, but as I moved I felt better. Last night I had doubts about my physical ability to...

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Big fat glow in the dark Neon Sign - 9/16/14
It is far further in the afternoon from my last post this morning. Everything is going good today, body hurts less and I am quickly getting back to fighting strength for tomorrow. I titled this post with this title because of two things. One, I am strugglin...
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