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Picnik Will Be Closing

Since joining Google in 2010, the Picnik team has been working on Picnik while helping to create photo editing magic in Google's products. Picnik will be shutting its doors on April 19, 2012. As a thank you for your dedication throughout the years, all effects and features in Picnik will be completely FREE to all users until the closing date.

Google+ Creative Kit is an online photo editing application that enhances the photos in your Google+ albums with some cool effects. It is powered by Picnik. The best thing about it – you can go crazily creative with photos right in your browser and all within your Google+ profile.

How to Use the Google Plus Creative Kit

Open Google+’s Creative Kit by selecting a photo from your photo albums and then choosing Edit. You can see the Creative Kit button right there. The Google+ Creative Kit includes basic editing tools and a number of pre-set image filters and a text tool.
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I cannot believe that Picnik is closing. It's the best photo-editing tool around. I hope that Google reconsiders this.
I hope google realizes how stupid they are being.
I am soo disappointed in the closing of Picnik...I Love Picnik. Even paid for premium.
I am disappointed to..we have been paying premium for 3 years..really just breaks my heart!!
you dont need to be disappointet you get your money back. i didnt want to pay so i been staying "non-premium" but if i knew that they would ay your money back i wouldnt really care :D
It isn't about the money...I edited ALL my pictures through Picnik and there is nothing else like it. Even made a Google+ account to try to still get to use some of picnik's features for when they are gone. I love all the features and just though it was so easy to use, but doesn't matter now I guess...they aren't gonna keep it running because google.
Wait so, picnik will be on Google+? How do you find it or go on it?
If you click on one of your pictures in your albums you can choose Creative Kit and that is basically Picnik...I believe
yeah I agree with IS NOT about the money 24 bucks isnt exactly going to break the bank for me. I built my business on editing with picnik..and I do not want to hear "your pictures are probably horrible" NO. if you arent a stupid teenage girl and actually know how to edit your pictures turn out wonderful. I love picnik and I am really sad to see it go..but I found gimp, and ipiccy, and aviary they are pretty good
LaShelle I have edited family and senior portraits for people with picnik. You are right if you know what you are doing you can make pictures look very nice. You have found other editing site?
Abbey May
I use picnik for everything and I have only just been allowed to buy premium and I am really annoyed they are shutting it down. They should either have the full picnik on here or keep it as a seperate website!
Okay, thanks +LaShelle Cook I appreciate it. There is also Picasa is okay. You have to download it though.
bt it don hv ol picnik features though...:(
Why do they have to close?!? It is an awesome site! At least sell a version that can be downloaded or kept for use! Ugghh! It is the best and easiest photo editing place! DON'T CLOSE!
I hate that Picnik is closing. Way to suck, Google+.
they still have some of the basic edits that had tho...thank god
- I hate that Picnik is closing. Way to suck, Google+.
I want the collage feature too! Anyone found a site that has similar collage choices?
Were do i click on the picture edititng thign@>?!?!?!
first you upload a picture
then in the top left conner it will show a thing called creative kit
then click it and it is basically likepicnik from there
Picnik must remail open, l am happy to pay. This google + totally sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
lol thankss
... i want picnik to not close!
I totally agree with you Emily. I am just loving picnik! VERY SAD DAY!
There used to be a section in for 'straightening' a slightly crooked photo. Is there way to do that in google+ or iPiccy?
Disregard previous comment. I figured out how to do it in google+
this sucks!!! i am not happy about picnik closing
Curious...will the framing and collage be added here...or have I missed it somewhere?
I'm not happy because I feel that I've been forced to join google+ so that I can keep on using the picnik edits and then a lot of them are not on here! I hope they plan on adding all of picnik?
You can download Picnik app on Chrome.. or at least a download version . HOPE I FIND ONE nobody wants Picnik to be deleted... I repeat: NOBODY, GOOGLE, NOT EVEN FOR THE MONEY...
Why are you closing I love picnik, Im just learning how to use it and i have so many more photos to do after that!!! what will i do now?
Will we able to make collages with the creative kit?? That to me is the biggest plus of picnik!!
I already share my photos through Flickr. I am not interested in circles etc in google. Can I just use the former picnik tools? (and ignore the rest of google?) How the heck do I find the creative kit and basic edits? Are they not up yet?
I was finally able to edit a photo but I am so sad ---- one important tool was a cloning tool to take out dust spots on pictures - they no longer have that which is pretty damn basic. Really limited - they left the goofy foolaround things that you can get from a number of photo editing sites but took away good stuff like cloning and textures. I will not be back. Suggestion: if you can't afford photoshop I find that free on-line photoscape is pretty good.
omg.. im depressed. picnik's like my bestest friend and now ive to see her go
and how do i go about using creative kit? pls help :_(
Google+ (Creative Kit) needs to add an editing tool called 'wrinkle remover'. I had an old photo from 1960 that had many creases in it. The wrinkle remover tool from easily repaired the image.
if you can find a way to put most of the premium basic edits on here that would be great because as a photographer your page closing really hurts....
man this is so sad to sure it will be great but i sure do love picnik
a thank you would be to have the accessability the same hooked up to picasa as before trying to navigate through google like this stinks and the options are too minimal.............................................feel like using caps,if something works beatifully as picnik leave it alone...........................................................................................
i love picnik!!! why are you closing :(
why are you doing this people were paying for the service,why are you eliminating all the good features,what is your deal..............................................
Emma Ford
Seriously Google? I edit ALL of my pictures on Picnik. Including my own novel covers/promotional pictures for my [unpublished] books! Which, by the way, look fantastic. The only reason I got a Google+ account was in hopes that I could still make this covers... But no. Practically all of the really good tools are gone! Gee, thanks.
wwwhhhhyyyyy????? I use it for my work because picnik is simply the best for edit my pictures. im a wedding photographer and now what am i going to do? all of the other photo editing programs (yes, even the ones you buy in the stores!) aren't as good and easy as picnik. i'm so sad an dissapointed! was a premium member for such a long time.......
I'm devastated, as I love Picnik and nothing else have ever worked that well for me. If you would create and sell a paid-for version with all nice features, I'm ready to buy it. I'm not using Picnik because it (could be used for) free - I'm using it because it's GREAT and easy to use.
I just want to shout out NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I love Picnic! :( Now trying to understand how the creative kit works... How do I even choose a picture??? I don´t understand a thing... :(
NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you do the best screens shots, its so easy to make pics great sob!!!
I've had a play around, but it is a very basic version of what was available before. No collage options that I can see
you just made hundreds, thousands of Picnik fans extremely sad!
i am too sad to know it ... y dont u open new independent site again?
can't beleive it,,,, picnik is my favorite editing tool....... am VERY upset... I have gone to "creative kit",where are all the cool things...bright eyes,teeth whitening,etc.... it does not even compare,not even can't see me but I am screaming....
Any chance you could add some of the 'premium' features on picnik that are great? In their 'touch up' section they have: wrinkle reducer (this was great for removing creases from old photos!), eye brightener, mascara, blush, red-eye, teeth whiten, sunless tan, airbrush, shine be gone (LOVE that one!), blemish fix, AND Insta-thin! (If only that could be done in real life! lol) should really check out ALL the items under touch-up...clone and burning and dodging are also great! Thanks in advance!
best online editing tool that is very easy to use, can't believe your closing this down, i can't convey how upset i am to hear this, please reconsider or at-least move all the features over to google+
Why not sell it as a piece of software? I would buy it! I've learned to use it on a professional level and losing the could put an end to my business! My customers have come to expect the special feature and effects, the endless possibilities using the editing tools, the framing, text features and touch up abilities! I'm devestated! Picasa isn't even close! Creative Kit is again, not even close! Im seriously freaking out! I couldn't sleep last night after spending hours trying to find a comparable program, online or for purchase, and coming up completely dry!!!! Please reconsider!!!
I am seriously pissed off! I love picnik! This is just terrible. UNHAPPY UNHAPPY UNHAPPY!
I looked at the Creative Kit and tried it and there is a lot missing plus I can't figure out how to download back to my hard drive after I'm done editing. I could only save it to an album on Google+. I need to have it on my hard drive to upload elsewhere on blogs, etc. Anyway, I went searching and found this software which is pretty darn close to Picnik with some extras Same annual price as Picnik too! I may have found my new Picnik alternative as much as I'm sad to see the full-blown Picnik gone. :(
I would have paid the hundreds of dollars for a stand alone version of Picnik that I paid for Photoshop. Even asked if they would ever sell the software. Hate this.... i doubt we win on this one folks. Google big ... people little.
I SO agree with you, Lynn!!! Google already owned Picnik...why make us have to learn all over again. I spent hours a week at Picnik. This is so unfair to loyal premium members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
totally agree with Lynn,I've been with Picnik for 5 years..................... I also have gimp,adobe, photoshop,serif,etc.... but used picnik most, guess I'll be moving on ... goggle we are not very happy with you..... Like above I dont want another sharing site and it is not nice that you make us join you to use (alittle) of picnik :( you could have at least put all of it on there.. :( :(
also if anyone figures out how to save the edited photo on your own hard drive let me know...... not interested in saving it back to goggle
tried instructions to get to special features such as shuttle launch,of course didn't work,couldn't print instructions given for some stupid reason,you are not winning any friends here. also is there anyone connected to google that is going to listen to our pleas or is this the 1 percent issue too ?
Yesterday I got the news of the picnik closure. It is devistating! This is the ONLY softwear I use to edit photographs Its ease of use and creative ability is just what I need. WIthout it I will be loosing a lot of $$$. My amiture photo buisness depends greatly on a softwear that does a lot in little time. I am not able to afford Photoshop and nor do I have the time to go to school learning how to use it. Again It is a tragidy that you are closing this amazing product.
Lets take this to twitter!!!!! #savepicnik
I do all my photo editing with PICNIK and am extremely frustrated with the fact they are closing!! I have no idea what I'm going to do. I have some other programs that help with the curves, highlights, etc. BUT nothing that will allow me to touch up my subjects faces to face them smooth. has clone, highlights and alot of others, but nothing in comparisson to PICNIK! I'm new to this whole Google+ thing and already HATE IT!! I use FACEBOOK for all my friends, family and business. I like having my account seperate from my editing/share. VERY DISAPPOINTED & UPSET WITH ALL THESE CHANGES!!!!!
Just checked out and it doesn't have all the touch up features :( They do have some pretty cool effects thought.
Much like all of you, I was so dissappointed when I gor the email picnic was closing.....much like many of you I paid for the premium package, what is the best program you all have found for touch ups, this is what I will miss the most
Sandra I have been searching for 2 days & yet have found a program that does that! On PC World News they advise you to check out, but it's not very specific about the touch ups and is $99.00 a year. If you check it out and get something I missed...Please advise! Thanks (:
thank you ipiccy has some cool items too but no touchup there either. thanks
Am I to understand that there is no way on Creative Kit to simply put my finished product in my Windows gallery like I could with Picnik? I read something that says the Picnik team is moving with Creative Kit so guess they forgot about the loyal subscribers that made them what they are. Guess they saw too many $$$$$$$$$$$$$.....the way of the world..Greed!!!
yea thats the biggest problem I see no touch ups :(
But, Sandra Kis, how user friendly is it???? That was what was so awesome about Picnik.
Bunch of CRAP!!!! I use PICNIK for My kids pictures!!! I hate Creative kit!!! They don't even have HALF of PICNIK'S TOOLS!!!! NO TEETH WHITENING!!! THIS IS BULL!!!! I think GOOGLE will REALIZE they are making a BIG MISTAKE!!! Does anyone know any other editing sites?
Claire, I just went to it and it has videos that show you how it works and from what I see it make our work that much easier. They use slides scales and when selecting blemish touch up it will automatically regconize & correct most of it for you and then you can touch up what other exsisting blemishes that still appear. I think i gonna give it a shot. It's only $39.95 for a limited amount of time, then goes up to $89.95. When you go to the site select EDITIONS and it will give you a full description of what it does. Hope this helps! By the way...THANKS SANDRA KIS!!
Thanks, Brandie Guasp. I'll check it out. I spent hours last night trying different trials and then taking them off my pc b/c they were SLOW and almost made my pc shut down. Also, they were definitely NOT user friendly. I am hopeful that Creative Kit will simply transfer EVERYTHING from Picnik and leave it just the way it was...but what will they charge then.......
I guess I'll be paying the $80 for Photoshop Elements 10!! :-/
boo.... I hope Creative Kit is going to mirror Picnik.... I LOVED Picnik, was the best photo editing program I have used.
This really sucks. An Offline version would be great. I don't have the time it takes to use Photoshop or I would already have done that. The other editing programs are the same way. If I wanted to spend days on end learning how I would have taken classes on it. I just want something simple and easy to understand like I don't know.....PICNIK!! Why would you destroy something that works. Oh yea, that is what we do now, take something people are happy with and get rid of it. New World Order I guess....well you can have it...I want my PICNIK!!!
Yess it sucks! Wheres the touch-up??? Like the wrinkle remover and the teeth withen??Thats why i had Picnik! I realy hope you will make this Creative Kit better because now i realy dont like it!!
Ok question guys,does anyone know anything about Corel? I have photoshop and it is so hard to use,takes PHD to use too..Let me know about Corel if you know..I know it is a separate program but desperately searching for anything that might offer the creative opportunities...I could just scream...I want PICNIK to stay w/all functions.
WOW. Just wow. Google you really missed the boat with this one. I am a premium paying member of Picnik and like everybody else here was totally floored to hear this.

So I decided to go and try this "Creative Kit." Problem is you can't find it to save your life. THANKFULLY people on this post got us there finally, and then it was even more disappointing than I expected!

If I wanted to just put mustaches on my pictures or make them funny colors - great! But that isn't why so many of us used Picnik! It was by far the best photo editing site on the net, but you have stripped it down and now it doesn't have the features we all loved.

PLEASE SERIOUSLY RECONSIDER THIS! ~ Or at least give us the features we love, we will gladly pay for them, as we have been. :)
this sucks. i hate you google! completely switching to bing now! picnik was amazing. i hate this creative kit first of all its really hard to find on the internet, and its hard to use!
~bing fan I can't even get picnik to come up now so I can still use it as long as it lasts. It's Sunday and I have to work's NOT my computer!!!! This is so unfair to loyal Picnik users....
what is wrong with you google? picnic was the best thing ever! i am a fashion designer and i can't just draw everything perfect. picnic was so helpful. creative kit sucks. no other sites are as good as picnic. a part of me died when i found out picnic is closing. WHY WHY WHY? I NEED YOU PICNIC even after april. i quit google
Maggie B - I feel your pain!! I love picnik
Nothing good lasts, does it? I love Picnik. It's so easy to use. It shouldn't close. There isn't anything else like it and it was so reasonably priced.
I agree! I'm so bummed and don't know what I will do now to edit my photos!
i am not pleased at all with the fact that picnic was closing, as it has clearly been stated here, picnik was the best thing on the web to edit pictures.. soo why take that away? creative kit is a waste of time as it takes you forever to find it and when you finally get on it, turns out it's not the same at all. i think you should seriously reconsider taking picnik off because alot of people love it and use it frequently. clearly i am not the only one with this opinion. taking pinik away is huge mistake in my opinion. it has disappointed many. good bye google. bing here we come.
I definiteLy agree. Picnik has been suuch a HUGE part of my life for the past 5 years...
Dear Google,

You forgot Circle Splash, Hex Cells, Crystallize, Adjustable Threshold, HSL Filter, Ripple Blocks, Waterfall, Smudge, Hypnotic, Winterize, Curves, Sepia, Vignette, Matte, Infrared, Nightvision, Pixelation, Snow, Texture, Dots and Dots, Panography-ish, Puzzle, Posterize, Film Grain, the good stickers, most touch-up effects, all frames except polaroid, holiday stuff, and COLLAGES.

Please take action to solve this LARGE problem, considering those are some of the best exclusively-Picnik effects.

How on earth do we use this Creative kit? Do ya think there should be like a link to it or something.. where is the actual software to edit the pics?
ok this is nothing like picnik. theres no effects to fix your face. like where is the make up and wrinkle remover? picnik should be able to stay..SOPA...YOU SUUUCKKKK.
I am so upset. I use Picnik all the time and this is not going to work. I can't believe this. Leave it to Google to ruin something so simple.
Ugh! I use this all the time, And my sister uses it for her photography!
I'm seriously depressed about this... we use it constantly. I want every feature of picnik now available on google+, because I use nearly all of the editing effects!
Can you PLEASE make the teeth whitener and red-eye reducer available on the google+ version?! Teeth whitener is a must for editing photos of massive coffee and tea drinkers!!!
well obviously they think thay are cool for putting picnik on this crap network. but everyone of my friends on facebook use picnik and now everyone is devastated. it is not like picnik was bad at all like the other services google is shutting down!!!
I don't understand how they think this creative kit is going to keep all the premium picnik customers happy. This is crap
i dont understand either... i can't figure out where to get this creative kit crap from and why they are closing picnik to begin with makes no sense!!!!
I'm with ya...don't get it!! I love Picnik and cant' figure this out...grrrr
I am really upset about this! I've tried using creative kit and it doesn't compare to Picnik. Google dropped the ball on this one! Terrible move!
I hope Google is reading these comments. A lot of people I know (myself included) are really upset about this. I used Picnik all the time. Absolutely love it! Nothing else I have tried has even compared!
I completely agree with everyone! I use Picnik on a daily basis from editing my personal photos (such as my wedding and engagement photos) to using it in my business! There is no other program out there like this and now everyone who was using it will be forced to use more than one program! None of the other programs even save the photo in such good quality as picknik! This is greatly going to effect my business.
1) How can I upload My Photos for editing & keep them Private- If we dont want to share them on Google +.
I am an Admin of a few Photography groups on Facebook & edit winning photos on Picnik and added them back to my PC -How can I do that now on Google without sharing ?
2) Where do we find all the editing tools Picnik had here ?
This makes me very unhappy. I have never found a better editing tool that was so easy. Why are you closing it down? Where can we go for the same editing tools?
VERY upset that wrinkle remover and mascara are not there....those were my 2 go to products!!!!!! No good at all!
Has anyone found an editing program that has features like the "teeth whitening", "eye brightening", "wrinkle remover", etc.??? These features are awesome and easy as opposed to using 8 different actions and layers to achieve the same effect in gimp or photoshop.
How do i use creative kit? Where is the link to it?
so pissed about this but im sure eventually they will be adding all of picnik's features (one would hope) because i love the teeth whitening and the mascara
I agree Kristen! I mascara everything. I just do not understand it all. Maybe you can help me understand it. :( I just froze when I read the email Saturday! :( I will miss it. I used it everyday -for blog work, photo editing, watermarking, etc. Gah, WHY?
Upset is just not even the word. PISSED OFF is the words. I do not agree (which it does not matter) that this is closing. I agree with so many people about how complex Photoshop is and how "they" are taking away something wonderful and great. People like me, in a photography business, will not succeed. I am not even sure how I will do future icons/etc. for my blog :( This just makes my stomach hurt and churn.
so sad about this. what a total bummer :/ hope creative kit works the same way....
yeahh seriouslyy this sucksssssssss!!!!!!!! seriously picnik was the best everrrrr!!!!!! this google+ things is no where near the samee!
andd i for the life of me cant figure out howwww to edit my pictures then save them back to my computerr! fullll sizee! not just the little icon sized! uhgggg i just spent hours editing pictures i cant use!!!!
I don't even have words on how much I HATE THIS!
We can comment all we want.......they do not give a crap how we feel. This is a complete shame. I will find another search engine than google. I'm sure their CEO doesn't give a damn about the folks on here who say their business depends on Picnik. He has all the money he can use and he wants more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's about the almighty dollar................GREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We use picnik to edit photos for use in our yearbook. Is there anyway to save photos to a JPEG in Creative Kit????
I agree Claire, They dont give a damn, but we can tell them how we feel. I will use another search engine as well. I used to love Google, now they are going to HELL! Nothing good last forever,
Boo. Not happy. LOve picnik. Disappointed
There are no words to express my complete disappointment in Creative Kit. I WILL NOT use a program that I can't save to my own computer. Saving to Google + gives them FULL RIGHTS to your pictures. I will switch my search engine & I will NOT use Creative Kit unless they move the features Picnik has including being able to save to my computer.
I am hoping once Picnik does close in April, all the features will switch then!!!! I am REALLY HOPING! I am just so depressed Picnik is closing, I use it for everything....PLEASE DON"T GO! Google thing is TERRIBLE....looking at other editing tools....
this is sad i feel like crying i just want picnik
how does this even works i dont understand how to use this
In all my searching and researching, I think this is going to be the best new "picnik" area. I know other websites were mentioned and those were good, but for me who just plays and dabbles but wants my pictures to look good, it was too much work...Kinda like Creative Kit. Anyway, I found Photobucket with foto's really close! here is a link: it's not Picnik but close...
so do i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still pissed about this! I will be done with google!
^ i like this comment- I WILL MISS MY PICNIK!!!
i just started my photography business and i used picnik for almost every thing besides my portrait just has the basics and not the special touches i need =o( im very upset about picnik shutting down...this is Blasphemy!!!
btw Portrait Professional is WONDERFUL even tho its a little pricey it has a lot of editing tools for wrinkle reducing and tanning and teeth whitening eye color changing, hair and other stuff...but i need something more like picnik with the lomoish and sepia and stuff like that....i am very very pissed bc my business just started picking up and i have a wedding next year to do and was going to use picnik to edit and order pictures from... BOOO to google
SO UPSET- I'm obsessed with Picnik! Are the features going to be available on google+'s creative kit!?
Bad, bad decision!!! Such a waste of a wonderful service. Why must is be closed? Can't it be offered under the Google+ services????
so what should i use now since googe has yall i use u all the time
this sux i pay to use ya for my business
along with a few other programs but yall are the best ughhhhhhhh
This is very disappointing... Why take away a good thing that people were more than happy to pay for?????? I have been using the premium version for years now and the creative kit DOESN'T COME CLOSE to it... Collage features, frames, wrinkle remover... so many features are missing.. Picnik was so easy to use and I can not believe it will be closing. thumbs down google+...
This is so upsetting and ridiculous. I am a premium member and I just had a beautiful baby girl. So I have been using many of the frames and stickers etc. while scrapbooking photos of my little one. I cannot express how much I LOVE PICNIK.COM!!!! I registered with google just to try to keep some of those fun features and yet there is nothing on the creative kit in comparison to what was available at picnik. And what is there is extremely difficult to use (not easy, quick or mommy friendly at all!). I agree why are they taking away something that people are more than happy to pay for. I will be cancelling my google account and I will no longer use google as my home page or search engine. Google will no longer be used by myself or anyone else in my household. Google+ you suck!!!!!!
I am beyond upset about picnik closing! I am a photographer and have had a really hard time learning Photoshop. That's why I LOVED picnik! I could do the editing I wanted that my clients loved. I have been a premium member for 2 years since starting my business. I don't know what I am going to do for my business... I am really upset about picnik closing! And there is nothing user friendly about the Creative Kit here.
Google + does not offer all the premium features nor half of the best features picnik has. DO SOMETHING.....GOOGLE, don't you SEE all these pissed off people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A LOT of people reply on picniks premium features to run their small photo businesses.....
1,453 Responses to “Official Announcement: Picnik is closing” THIS SPEAKS VOLUMES......and the number is sure to GROW....LOTS of ticked off people that picnik is closing and google plus creative kit doesn't even OFFER ALL THE TOOLS, WTH?????????????????????
I hate google now only because they boughted it didn't mean they had to close it just because it was the best site in the world form fixing photos!!!!! and now their closing it bec they what to make google+ better ha , their just idiots in a month time after they close it they will relise THE BIGGEST MISTAKE THAT THEY EVER MADE WAS TO CLOSE PICNICK!
This is pathetic compared to you hear or even give a damn??????????????????? Give Picnik in all its glory back to us or you will lose us in droves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do NOT want to share everything. I want Picnik....I want to download to my Windows Gallery. DO YOU HEAR MR. GOOGLE + CEO???????????????? No, all you care about is lining your pockets.
I'm with this person just checked this out it is so not user friendly not sure what your thinking is that this is better i would keep happily paying for picnik i think you would want to keep making money
please let us keep paying fpr picnik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thiss was a bad idea i have also been purchasing picnik for 2.5+ years! very disapppointed!
Try They are trying to replicate Picnik, piece by piece, and they are doing well at it. The format looks a lot like Picnik. I have used it and it's pretty easy. iPiccy has a Facebook page and they are taking suggestions. Click 'like' and join them on FB and THEY will listen. Google+ and Picnik are not listening to us and, obviously, don't give a damn about us.....
I am really having difficulty understanding why you are closing picnik for google+. The process has just become much more complicated, with all the added steps, there are less editing features, and it doesn't save to my computer for printing!? What's the point?
Picnik closing really boggles my mind. Picnik is one of the best online photo editors I have found; it's easy, fast, and simple. To close Picnik is like to get rid of Photoshop, it's absolutely outrageous. I hope Google will see all these complaints and realize what a mistake they are making.
I'M WITH JOHN PARSONS...I'M BOUT TO DELETE THE GOOGLE EVERYTHING!!!! Seriously who does crap like this?! Its assinine{however u spell it} That's like me making a million on the lotto and going.."uh derrr I think I'll use this to wipe my butt with instead of cashing in the lotto ticket and freaking buying toilet paper!! What the crap, google!!!
Why can't google integrate picnik into google+. I do not like Google anymore.
This is a crying shame as Picnik is certainly the best photo-editing online site available. Have tried many since hearing of this dreadful news & none were nowhere near as good or as user-friendly as Picnik. IPiccy is getting close but it does not have the convenience of being able to do the editing straight from your Picasa Web Albums.or Picasa3 & placing the edited version back into these sites. It will only download them to Windows. Life is complicated enough as it is without depriving us of an easy-to-use, wonderful site such as Picnik. Please Google, do not close it.
i agree. I will miss picnik. :( i loved it so much... i don't think google should do's a stupid desicion.
i hate that picnik will close,i love picnik so much.all the features on it are so inlove with picnik touch up and advance features.i hope creative kit will do the same
Please,, I really hope that ALL the picnik features get a come back in the creative kit!!
well is there atleast download plese!!!!! so we can use it for lifetime
Big mistake here! Picnik is the best and this creative kit is the worst! Seriously, you can't even put a frame around a photo? Very limiting! I will so miss Picnik!
Agreed!! Why would you pull the BEST photo editing program available. Something does not fit here,,,, must be more to the change than meets the eye.
This is just sad, I have used picnik for years and I loved all of the genuine photo editing tools, i don't go on picnik to play i want to edit and save my families photos, put them on a disk take them to be developed and share them(with my family and friends) very dis-satisfied
I could cry! This was/is such a cool site to play with your photos. I will MISS the
'difference' option....sad, sad, sad.....
It is really annoying...but if they move all the features of Picnik over to Google + that's not so bad. They'd better! In the mean time, Picasa (also owned by Google) has most of the features of Picnik, including retouching and collages.
iPiccy looks pretty good, though...more tools than Picasa.
Hey Google, guess what? You know how you thought that we'd use this program of yours because it's free? Well, you know what's funny? Because of the limited tools it has, I'm going to buy Photoshop Elements for a whole lot more money than Picnik was! ...Gee, thanks.
hey google plus you know how you can buy programs for your computer you should make picnik a program that you can buy if you do i know that i will buy the program and i know heaps of people will buy it to!!! as long as all of the effects are on it :)
yes that would be good and have it completely compatible with Picasa,hey that is an idea rather than screwing us out of the whole thing? Hey Google listen to our pleas here...
No!Picnik,don't leave me!I just started my professional photography buisness!
There are so many of us that are completely devastated!
I don't want it free as much as I want it to continue and for all features to be included...I wish I felt you were listening Google,but I fear you aren't...
This breaks my heart. This is so far less quality than picnik. What a joke.
What's happening to all of Picnik's other features? Why are you doing this to us? You make me sad, Google. Can anyone suggest another good photo editing website?
I am going to miss picnik :( I cannot even access the creative kit. suuuper confusing.
please add all the apps that was in the picnik if you want to do what is right and keep many folks using the google+ web pages. It is so easy to use can you offer the picnik program in a cd if so I will be one of the first to purchase. thanks and hope google listens to it users
Google is a Monopoly. They have our video Site, Youtube, and now they take our pic Site too?! Wtf bro? The creative kit is NOTHING compared to picnik, and i say this as a photographer for 1. My school newspaper, and 2. I have a side job for Improper Bostonian. I know what im doing with my editing, and I know google is pissing a lot of people off with this.
I personally am done with Google. I am a photographer and my assistant is trained ot edit my pictures in picnik. I know how to use photoshop but it is not as user friendly and I can't afford...nor do I have time to train her to use it.
The absolute LEAST Google could do would be to move all of the Picnik Premium features....even charge for it. I would pay. Why not make money where it can be made? This would at least soften the blow. Does Google really not care about their reputation? Really, this whole dropping this and that. It makes you wonder if spending your time and money on anything Google is a complete waste of could be gone tomorrow. They have until April 19th to redeem themselves.
I would totally keep paying for Picnik. I use it almost every day for my blog. I need to be able to add text, frames and collages... things that many other sites do not have. Picnik is my favourite editing program and it ridiculous that they are closing it down. At least move all the features to Google+. Why ruin a popular and perfectly good thing??
i saw the tools but i only can find the effects i was looking for the ¨touch-up¨ tool, where i can look for this one?
SO SAD!!!! and I am willing to pay for what Picnik had! Is there a software I can buy that is as good and as user-friendly as Picnik was?! Arrrg!!! WHY WHY WHY?????!!!
i have been using isnt fully developed yet but it is almost just like picnik..
I hate that Picnic is closing... I started my business based off of it!!!!!!! NOW WHAT?!?!??!?!
Very easy to use just like Picnik. Glad you are part of Google now.
Please add some more of the picnik tools? Iam missing the burning and dodging and alot of the other touch up tools.
you are missing so many of the edits. Wrinkle remover? Mascara? etc etc please add more picnik tools
your creative kit sucks... i couldn't find any touch up (beautify) tools...that was pretty much all i used on picnik and now i'm stuck using a few shitty effects...if you want to please people, you should add all of the picnik tools...or just not close picnik, because right now, the creative kit is a piece of shit.
Well, Perhaps "piece of shit" is a bit strong but I will be very disappointed in the assorted management and and staffers at the Giant we call Google if they don't listen to the outcry from customers that loved Picnik and offer us those tools again, and I mean ALL of them plus new ones. I would be willing to pay a small fee like I did before to use the bonus tools. OR offer us the chance to buy the program! I tried the Google plus version today and it doesn't have all the tools! Shame on you Google!
Marie K
Bring back all the features of picnik- esp the cloning tool, wrinkle remover and teeth whitening. PLEASE!
Google+ this is a BIG mistake! Picnik is the best editting site there is. It does not need to close. You are ruining everything! And you dont even have all of the picnik features.
Will you be adding the teeth whitening, blush, mascara, etc to Creative Kit??? I miss Picnik already :-(
AMEN to that! I love that site! And this creative whatever already seems cumbersome...
Seriously if your gong to close something and make a new place to go. YOu would think it wouldn't be difficult to find. Still can't get it ?
So you should add a feature that Picnik has and you do not! IT called: Save to Computer files!!! Those who run a business editing their photos through them needs it! Go figure!!!
They were right :'( The end of the world is in 2012...
I am NOT happy!!! picnik was one of the easiest ways to make minor changes to my photos, now I have to follow all of these crazy steps. #stillnothappy
Just like everything else, they have to RUIN a perfectly good, easy and awesome site. Thanks alot.
I love this pic editing website. I thought it was one of the best ones out there..
i dont want piknik to close i use it all the time!!
Try PicMonkey, it's very close to PicNik and it's very easy to use similliar to PicNiK.....
So similar to picnik... thank you & well done.
How can I use criative?? nobody want to help me?
oh how can i use this application? i'm gonna miss PICNIK..
noooooooooooooooo y is it closing D:
I do not like googles creative kit, picnic was so much easier. Why can't they jsut leave a good thing alone?????
noooooo... not close now... :((
ME EITHER!! I am so confused!!
HELP! I am having the hardest time finding Creative Kit! I click on the photos I uploaded and I can not find an EDIT tab, button or feature anywhere. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
This breaks my heart!!! My Creative-Juices were flowing and we were pushing out all these wonderful ideas because of what PICNIK offered... :( I don't like this at ALL!!!!
i cannot believe picnik is gone already....this is killing me inside
FotoFlexer is a Picnik clone, pretty much....screw this Creative Kit!
I still can't find it >.<"
Creative Kit sux picnic was the shizzz more edits we need
why did picnik close i used it all the time
Please bring picnik back i didnt get to make photos of my new baby borther :( :( please bring it back
Soo sad! i love picnik! is the best!
i was very sad when this wonderful site closed, the other thing is i cant find the new site when google bought picnik!!!!!
right and me neither very angrey and sad
I've just spent 2+ hours trying to figure out how to upload and edit a photo in Google+ using Creative Kit... to no avail. This is so frustrating! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE. BRING. BACK. PICNIK.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DONE WITH GOOGLE- hello bing. Stupid to take away picknic.
I cant find the Photo editor here!! Stupid close picnik... I hate you for this.
I don't have albums and I don't want to share. I need t edit my raw photos and NOT share them yet. and still NO link to any part of Creative Kit or whatver it is - to edit. Zippo!
how the fuck do i even get to it? EW I WANT PICNIK BACK
omg this is sooooo confusing! i cant even find where i go to edit! I want Picknik!!! im just gunna stop using google from now on.
I miss picnik! I cant even find where to edit my photos!
I want picnik backkk!!!!!! I really love picnik easy & fun using picnik
i want piknik back how do you even edit photos
I want the zombie and vampire part back...
everybody likes picnik better! please bring it baack!!!!! is a good replacement :)
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q chimbo q cerraron picnik verdad
does anybody know to use creativ kit in google?
I don't see the "edit" button anymore
Yeah I don't see "Edit" anymore on google+ ...
How to find it ?
I can't find it either and this is driving me crazy
Same, I can't find it ... and this is the ONLY reason I even use Google+ is to use Picnik
... Please google. I only have a google account to use picnik because I do a lot of art work and it really really helped... Now all my art will suffer.. I put ALL of my art on google... and now what am I to do?
+Christina Russo You could use Gimp to do art, it's not quite as easy but when you get the hang of it, it's got more features.
Also, you can put your work up on deviantart :)
I hate that I have to go outside google now.  The editing was so convenient right in picasa.  Plus, the fonts I used to use freely, now require a paying membership through picmonkey.  Ugh.
I loved Picnik You said you would make one better! you didn't do it Picmonkey is not near what picnic was I miss Picnik !!!!!
picnik neden kapalı. ne zaman açılacak?
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