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Best FREE Online Photo Editing Website List

Can't find what you need on Creative Kit?
Then try these FREE collection of photo editing websites.
Thanks to +PJ Rosenberg for this amazing list.


PicMonkey (

The world's friendliest photo editor got a chance to start again. If you loved Picnik, PicMonkey is back in town and better than ever. It's faster, more powerful, and easier to use.

iPiccy (

iPiccy makes your photo awesome with many easy to use photo tools. Edit pictures, apply beautiful photo effects, add text and even paint! Enjoy free photo editing online and show your creativity with iPiccy editor!

FotoFlexer (

FotoFlexer is the world's most advanced online digital photo editor. It performs advanced effects previously only available to professionals using expensive software.

Ribbet (

It is an excellent online photo editor based on the Picnik platform, and for a limited time all their premium features are free. Ribbet has thousands of effects, stickers, frames etc and all uploads and edited photos are kept in an online history for registered users. 

BeFunky (

BeFunky Photo Effects allow everyday people to easily create photographically rich and artistic results from their digital images without the need for any technical knowledge. These “one-click” photo effect options produce desired results effortlessly and each effect comes with the option to make simple adjustments.

FunPhotoBox (

The FunPhotoBox site is a place where you can create funny pictures from your photos. FunPhotoBox is a free photo editing online service. FunPhotoBox allows you to add special effects to your photos.

PicArtia (

Create photo mosaic Online and Free! A powerful photo collage maker in 3 easy steps. Get your photo montage in less than 2 minutes!

Photo 505 (

Huge collection of photo templates, which will keep You busy for quite a while.

Loonapix (

In a few words – Loonapix is going to beautify your life. A lot more photo templates.

Funny Photo (

Even more photo templates – just upload Your images and choose one of funny effects available!

Dumpr (

While not all of templates are free, still there are enough to choose from.

WriteOnIt (

Here you can easily create your fake pictures, captions and fake magazines (Wired, Playboy, Playgirl, Glamour, Time) and other funny jokes for you and your friends.

MagMyPic (

There are 30 different magazines to choose from for now. You can select any of them and make an impressive, unique, custom fake magazine with ease and Your own picture – it’s simple as that!

Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover(

Try on the hottest celebrity hair and makeup looks!

Hairmixer ( )

Lovely tool and it does exatcly what it says.

BigHugeLabs Flickr (

Have fun with Your photos, a lot of photo editing tools available here, You don’t need any knowledge of professional photo editing programs.

FaceInHole (

With FACEinHOLE you can easily and in a matter of seconds create a totally “new look” for you and your friends. You just have to select a scenario, upload and adjust a photo (or use your webcam) and there you have it; a great FACEinHOLE that you can send to your friends, post in your blog or make available to the world.

Personalized money (

Create your own personalized money bill with Your own picther with just a click of a mouse button.

Fake Magazine Cover (

Here you can personalize magazine covers online (no software applications to install, just use your web browser) by uploading digital photos you have on your computer.

FotoTrix – Image Generator (

Upload a digital photo to add fun effects and novelty layouts. FotoTrix have over 2,500 templates for your digital photographs! Make it look like you had your photograph taken with a celebrity or add some goofy props to spice up your photos.

JpgFun (

Jpgfun is an easy-to-use free online service to edit Your photos! You can improve Your photo with different interesting and funny effects or put Your photo on a magazine cover. Mention that it is ABSOLUTELY FREE and easy as one, two, three! One more photo template resource.

Photovisi (

Choose from 18 photo templates and create collages from Your photos as wallpapers and more.

PixiSnap ( )

Pixisnap allows you to create your own pixisnap photos in 3 easy steps: choose a mosaic type, upload your photo and customize your mosaic art.

Pizap ( )

Pizap is a fun free photo editor that lets people easily create wacky images with their digital pictures. PiZap was created as a tool primarily for social networking users who want to post their images to their favorite social networking sites

PhotoFunia (

PhotoFunia is an online photo editing tool that gives you a fun filled experience. You upload any photo and just wait to see the magic. Our proprietary technology automatically identifies the face in the photo and let’s you add cool photo effects and create funny face photo montages.

Pixlr (

Pixlr offers Pixlr express for basic editing like cropping and re-sizing, adjustments, and photo effects. The full version includes a lot more functionality that allows you to create an item from scratch or edit an existing photo. The full version works similar to Photoshop or GIMP with a lot of different tools that can be used.

Pixenate (

Get started with Pixenate by uploading a photo, entering a URL, or get one from your favorite photo sharing website. It includes basic editing features like cropping and re-sizing, brightness adjustments, and drawing lines on photos.

Dr. Pic (

Dr. Pic allows you to get started by uploading an image or entering a URL. It includes basic functionality like cropping and re-sizing, brightness and contrast adjustments, sharpen, adding text, and a little more.

Lunapic (

Lunapic is a feature-rich online image editor. You can work with existing photos or create new images. There are tons of effects to choose from, and many adjustments that can be made, plus drawing tools, anitmation, and more.

Phixr (

You can start using Phixr by uploading a photo from your computer or by entering the URL of an image, or pull it from a photo sharing site. You can do basic things like crop or re-size, or use the other options like red eye removal, camera and lense effects, blur, and more.

FotoFlexer (

FotoFlexer is the world's most advanced online digital photo editor. It performs advanced effects previously only available to professionals using expensive software (

With you will upload a photo from your computer or enter a URL for the photo. It offers options like cropping and re-sizing, color enhancement, and several artistic effects. You can also automatically create a caricature from a photo. ( allows you to upload a photo from your computer, and perform basic editing and touch ups. You can crop and re-size, plus adjust things like brightness and contrast, saturation, sharpness and more.

FreeOnlinePhotoEditor (

Edit or adapt your Photo or Image Online in your browser for free. Upload your picture or photo or use an URL of an image on the Internet.
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This is wonderful~ipiccy is almost identical to picnik :) thanks!
Ipiccy is almost the same without the tan feature!! Please make creative kit like Picnik I am heartbroken it is closing!!
Can you add the teeth whiten feature?? that wouold be verey helpful!
thats what i want to the same thing you want to kno roxana
can you PLEASE ' make creative kit exacly like picnik ?
Thank you my wife was having a cow that you took her picnik away so she will be happy to read these sites.
Pixlr and iPiccy are the only decent ones but Picnik is still the best especially for collages which I am VERY disappointed is gone already.
Is there an easier way to save the pictures to my computer?
I have to say I do not agree that ipiccy is awesome, unless I have not found how to use it to its full potential. I love to make black and whites and then color in what I want back in color and i have not found how to do this on ipiccy? Also the features are not as crisp as picnik, picnik gave a much clearer photo when done. Also can you resize the photo in ipiccy, I have not found that either? I wish picnik would of just moved to Google Plus, would of made life easier for all.
And as far as this Creative Kit goes, it is so much more complicated to use than picnik or ipiccy. We are not all PS people, PS it more advanced that I need to be or care to be. If I wanted to know PS I would have to pay big bucks and probably take a class, with picnik the ease of it is amazing!! What a great loss this will be.
i LOVE picnik and how easy it is to use. I really wish they wouldn't close. I've spent days if not weeks, checking out other sites and they just don't measure up. I'm pretty frustrated with this whole Google+ thing too. Soooo I found the creative kit center fan page....HOW THE HECK DO I EDIT MY PICS!?! Am I over looking the obvious? Am I the only one having a difficult time lol? And I'm a little confused...I am supposed to tag people in my pictures? I just want to creatively edit my photos, save them on my computer and continue scrapbooking. I already have enough social websites, I don't need any more.
Creative Kit is about half of what Picnik was, so sad Google would buy them out then only give half the photo editing tools to Creative Kit, then make it a Google+ exclusive... too much is too much Google... start realizing the potential of how happy your user's would be to use your sites and tools were not all exclusive.... shame on you.!!
i cant get creative kit to work and i dont underrstand why mark would u know why??? please help me cuz im normally rly good with photo effects, photoshop all that shit this is the first onet to gimme a hardtime =(
Hello friend! When you select one of your pictures in your albums in google+ you will see in the upper left corner a tab that says creative kit. That's it! Or at least thats how I do it!!
Crystal, it works on my end, but is only half of what Picnik is... Are you going to one of your pics and editting from there.?
me too. and I have tried Google creative kit, I go to photos, upload new photos and it won't let me select 'upload from your computer' :(
1) I clicked the Red button on the top left of this page -
2) Then clicked on Blue text " Creative Kit Center " which they say is not run by Google.
3) A white block opens asking if you want to upload a photo from your phone or PC(only those two options :(
4) A very small photo took a while to upload -Then I clicked Edit below my photo (little icons )
5) A similar slider on the left to picnik opened with a Few of the Basic edits- sharpening tool & a few Effects.-Not nearly as good as picnik is.
6) There are No Frames Or Collages ( i could Not find ) I really need those.
This is Not User friendly -You really have to hunt for everything.( i did watch the You Tube Thing below which helped a bit.
7) No Button to allow you to Save Back to your PC once you are done editing.
They say Share or Open an Album .

I dont want to do that. I want to keep my photos, I edit, private for my future use or to sell one day.
I want to choose which I want to share or not share- Picnik gave us that .Now we cant do that anymore.

Creative Kit Center, please add those features or Please just add picnik here the way it is .
Its Soo perfect for want we need to do & so far I have not found another editing site better or even equal to picnik.

I Tied better than here and lets you save to your PC - Text is a problem though & they do have collages just a basic one

So back i go looking for others.
Thank you so much, I could not figure it out. Picnik was so much more user friendly
Can you not save the pic you edited? Ugggg I hate that their taking our Picnik away:(
Ok This Creative Kit thing will be alright if you all had all of the effects and touch-ups just like pik-nic does and it would make editing look a whole lot better right now there's not much to choose from. So hope you add more effects and touch ups
I agree, this Creative Kit would be alot more useful if it were alot more like picnik and alot better too.
Just checked out the Creative Kit. Not happy. Why would Google drop so much of what made Picnik fantastic? April 19th will be a sad, sad day.
Hi, im new to google+ and joined because i was looking for somthing new and also because i LOVE picnik which said its moved to google plus - where do i go to use creative kit?
I cant find it is like a maze....trying to find what i need?!
this is the most confusing stuff. not user friendly at all. I do not want to have to search it to get to it !
I agree with Melissa- TOOO confusing! How on earth do I use it! I miss picnik......
youd think if enouph wanted picnik to stay google could atleast buy it and sell it without changing - clearly there are a lot out there that would be forevr greatful and they would make money off it... im on a search now to find feame and collage add ons for my photo shop crosses fingers so sad google isnt paying attention to the users. i cant even upload a photo to try and find creative kit with... i am a fb user... joined google plus as i heard its user friendly... it is so not friendly in here at all! (people yes, navigating no)
yeah, im having a hard time even finding where the heck to use creative kit!
oh nevermind! just keep trying to upload a photo, the creative kit option will be there, then.
loved picnik - quick easy to use - I can't even get creative kit to access my photos on file to upload them!!!!!
They should just keep picnik. This creative kit doesn't even have all the tools I loved. It's ridiculous. I really don't like it.
Where do I even go to find creative kit to test it out? I found this site but cannot go further. I miss picnik!
oh i found the tutuorial below... guess i will try it out
you have to add a photo first! then it will give you the option there.
omg!! Thank you for posting this link!! I was soooo frustrated that Picnik merge with Google + & create a "Creative Kit" I will be using this Photo site from now on & will tell all my friends about it.
How about some eye bright and teeth whiten? Who wants the tacky decorate tools?
Thank you so much for sharing, had some of the effects i was searching for!
To be perfectly honest I would pay 10x or more for picnik than I was! I liked the program period. Charge us! I'll pay......:(
If you are going to do away with Picnik, you need to add everything that Picnik had, plus more. Right now you don't even have half of what Picnik has.
i just tried ipiccy...soooo much easier than creative kit (which is HORRIBLE!!!) not quite picnik but so much closer than anything else i've found.
Where do you even find it to be able to edit photos???
Right click on your uploaded picture and then click on Edit. It is a VERY stripped down Picknic version with not many extras! I'm disappointed I couldn't find an application to change eye color. Only one to add vampire eyes.
Im a Picnik user and Im looking for a new program to do some basic edits on my photos. I always use the Matte and Vignette frames. Will this be available on Google + Creative Kit?
Thank you for sharing!!!! I do all my photo editing in Picnik. I have been scrambling to find another free editing site before their site expires!!!!!!!! I feel I can relax now!!!!!! At present I have not figured out how to use creative kit.
Thanks to Belinda for sharing . Not sure of upgrade cost, but it does the job. I did two small projects yesterday with http:\\ and it too did all I needed (couldn't find frames - but I didn't have time to check all features out). I don't understand Google buying up and/or redirecting the team on Picknik to only include "part" of its great features into Google+1 and not all of them. Sort of like Facebook going through my postings and deciding which ones I prefer to see and putting the others in some indiscreet folder.
Mr. Johnson!!! Im soooo happy you posted this site!!!!! you are a lifesaver!!!!!
Can you guys please please please add more stickers from picnik?! Im so sad picnik is closing, but when I found out about creative kit I got excited, until I opened it and found it to be a half @$$ version and that's sad!!!!!!!
I know I'm one of many missing Picnik but, I was wondering, Picnik has a layering system, whereby you can upload other pictures on top of your main one and edit the layer details eg add, lighten overlay etc. Which photo editing site would you recommend, if any?
Belinda! Thank you for sharing that!! You totally ROCK! WHEW!! I was really starting to stress lol! Thanks again!
How can I get Creative Kit? I don't know how can I edit my photos..please help mee!
I really think it´s a shame that Picnik is clossing. I can not find the way to work with Creative Kit. Anyhow Picmonkey seems to be a very good option. Thanks Belinda for sharing it.
Please don't take Picnik away :-(
I totally agree. Why remove something that is great, and replace it with something that is sooo much less. Where are the picture frames?? Not everyone in the world feels the overwhelming desire to "share".
Yes I must agree with Don. I don't find this site as user friendly as Picnik and I don't want to share my photos just edit them as I enjoy doing... Bring Picnik back :(
Google+ sucks! I want PICNIK BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
How does Creative Kit work? Doesn't look anything like Picnik...
I am SOOOOO with you! Picnik was the BEST !!!
#G+CreativeKit works just fine if you can come to grips with two realities.
CAN WE STILL MAKE COLLAGES????? that's the only thing I did on Picnik!!!
I would just like to know how to get to this Creative Kit so that I can edit photos. I don't want to follow it. i want to use it. I've been running around between sites for days and all I get are screens that want information about me. I want picnik back. It was so easy!! I even paid for premium service and I have never done that before. Give me a link for a homepage for the photo editing program. Period.
to the comment above, i just figured it out, go to your photos. add the photos you want to edit to an album. then click on the photo so it opens up and then in the top left hand corner there should be a tab saying creative kit. btw sorry if i didn't explain this too well hehe
Does anyone know if that makes my photos public? Everything seems to be connected these days with Google and I'm not really ready to live a 24 hour a day reality program. I'd like to live my life and do my art privately.
WE WANT PICNIK BACK:(!!!!!!! Nothing is user friendly with GOOGLE.....HATE THIS PROGRAM....!!!!
I'm thinking the same thing...a little to hard to navigate and I'm a computer pro!! Picnik is much, much more user friendly!!
I am not the fondest of the creative kit and I would love it if picnik came back or if the creative kit had all of the editing tools. It is confusing to use and you can't be as creative with it.
how do you get on to the creative kit?
Yeah, how do u get on the creative kit?
how do you get the creative kit????
My question too? I use Picink but now it telling me to go here! So please make it easy to get to the Creative Kit!
I agree. I'm trying to figure out how to use Creative Kit, but I'm kind of lost.
Will Pinterest be transfering their "Eye Bright" tool to Google+ That is one of my favorites and it's currently NOT on Google+
IPiccy jumped of this opp and now have almost all the same effects and tools of Picnik
Creative KIt is not at all living up to the PikNik really is sad & frustrating...Hoping this ipiccy works out for me....sigh....
Has anyone found a program that has the clone feature that Piknic had? I miss that !!!!
how do you upload and edit on here. they should have just kept picnik. it was a hell of alot easier than whatever google created. but i'll try it. so..does anyone know how to upload?
after reading everyones comments...i would reccomend PicMonkey. They are slowly adding everything picnik. did. I went on two weeks ago and they had very little...and then i just went on about 5 minutes ago and they have everything...teeth whitener...tanning...cloning...all the effects plus more that picnik had...wrinkle remover....airbrush...eye brightner...mascara...EVERYTHING THAT I USE! I am a professional photographer and i'm very upset picnik is ending..however...its time to move on and expand our options. google is very selfish and is just laughing at all of us because they have power over all of us. so we have to NOT use creative them that we can find something better. go use pic is created by the picnik team!
I am a student photographer and i used picnik for EVERYTHING but now that it s closing i wasn't sure what to use for editing, but after reading a few of these comments i checked out iPiccy and it is exactly like picnik! It has everything and no premium option so there are no limitations to what you can use, i recommend it its easy to use and just like picnik
but how can i go there ??
Dunno, having the exact same problem. I can't find it.
Also, really, really hate with a passion that Picnik is gone. Picnik was a blessing for those of us who wanted to edit photos - personally, I used it a lot for formatting. I hope you guys keep up the legacy of Picnik.
Once people can, you know, find creative kit.
i hate this ... i wish picnik could stay forever
I hate this!!! This is too freakin complicated.. Make this crap simple! Bring back Picnik!!!
Where can I try and use this? I haven't found anything that says "Use Creative Kit HERE!" sort of thing.
Lol jokes, I found it, it's basically like Picnik, just missing some of the features?
It is picnik. They say it on their website.
Couldn't even find creative kit, so I'll give PicMonkey a try. I can't tell you how distraught I am about losing Picnic. :-( I wish they'd have made a dvd version that was not internet based. I'd have bought it!
Finally got into Creative Kit, but NOT liking it. Although it has a few of my favorite Picnic features, it is slower than a 7 year itch to load photos and then keeps freezing while trying to crop. Also miss the wrinkle remover, red eye for furballs remover, and the sandbox filters such as HSL and Adjustable Threshold. I can't believe we're being left with this poor excuse for Picnic. :-(
Spent an hour looking at other sites. PicMonkey is similar to Picnik, but slower and not quite as user friendly. For those who loved Picnik... what you want is They are AWESOME! Same easy to use format we're use to with Picnic, plus some bonus effects. It seems they are trying really hard to get us all the things we loved about Picnic. I read their FAQ section and many things customers were asking for have already been incorporated. Ipiccy will definitely be my new "Go To" site!
Thank you, Teresa Reid, for this post!!! I tried it out and it is the first one that I am able understand first time out! I will share the site!
Teresa...thank you so much for your post!!!! You are right it is amazing! Thanks again!
How do I even get to creative kit? I can't find it
how do use this site i'm tryinq to edit my photos but i can't find it help me people please
Why is this HIDDEN from GooglePlus??? Picnik is closing and the instruction tell us to go to for it and we can't find it linked anywhere. The reason I found this here is because I had to google it! And it isn't linked.
there is no link to get to the actual Creative Kit just this stupid picture how do you get to it?????????????
you have to upload a photo and to build a album. then click on "share" and click on your photo. on the left side above the photo is the creative kit.
ok so im so sad picnik is closing i have built a business off of it :( so I have yet to find the creative kit is it really like picnik Help Im running out of time........
i have also built my photography business off picnik and idk what im going to do after tomorrow...
Yeah really... picnik is the best ever. :(
which one of these is most like picnik?
I don't think I'd like any of these sites better than I did like picnik!
pretty sure everyone just wants picnik...
Thank you so much. These links are helpful :)
Thank you, PJ for compiling this list of other pix editing sites...
I've given up on Google+ & Creative Kit. I thought I would be easy to use like Picnik was, but boy was I wrong!!! I wish they would bring Picnik back. :-(
Picmonkey is just like picnik good call!!!
I agreee picnik was the BEST!! It can NEVER be replaced!!:(
so is creative kit just like picnik,cause i cant find creative kit to edit my google photos
This is stupid I've been trying to figure out how to edit my photos with this for two days now and I can't.. Wtf
Nice blog. It is very interesting to read such a good blog
I also vote to have teeth whitener put back in! Why was it removed in the first place?? Google, put it back please!
You should consider adding Ribbet to your list:

It is an excellent online photo editor based on the Picnik platform, and for a limited time all their premium features are free. Ribbet has thousands of effects, stickers, frames etc and all uploads and edited photos are kept in an online history for registered users. 
Cathy G
Thanks for the suggestion. It's just what I was looking for.
MrIt Jr
picnik is the best ;(
Ugh....this is so disappointing. >:[ It's confusing and it's such a hassle to edit photos here. I really thought it was Picnik for reals... ;( This really sucks... 
where can I upload and edit my photos in Creative Kit?!
this is so confusing and disappointing.......grrrr
I agree, too confusing. It said we can use another version of picnik if we followed the google + steps. I got as far making another type of profile, from where Im typing now I quess, and probably wont be able to find my way back here again, ugh! Anyone know where or how to get a sepia effect where you can pull up part of the original underneath color? So annoyed, I want picnik back!
The link to edit photos, which I uploaded 3 days ago, well after Picnik is closed, takes me to Picnik, where I am told to use Creative Kit.  Since I can't seem to get to Creative Kit, I'm out of here, and on to re-doing each photo elsewhere.  Forget it.
Thanks so much for the mention! For those of you who might be wondering about PicMonkey, we're the same folks who brought you Picnik.  After Google shut down Picnik, we wanted to continue to offer you, our fans, the best photo-editing experience on the web.  Please do stop by for a visit and give us a try!  We took the best of Picnik and made it better. and here on G+ at +PicMonkey.  Cheers!  :)
Not enough effects or tools are free. I've stopped using it because I just can't do anything with what you offer. Huge disappointment. 
I love that they did that and most of them are free I have a hole list of edittors I can use
how do i get to the creative kit now? is it gone because i can not find it on these new google+ accounts im ready to delete mine if this editing is gone.....
i always used google+ photo editor, but the new really sucks!, anyway to get the old?
just I want to say fuck this new idea of creative kit ....that set
its ten days  flow google + and no way to get any things with creative kit the new idea make me crazyyyyyyy
I was having the same problems as most of the people in this thread. Basically couldn't edit my photos using the creative kit. However, just updated my Macbook Pro OS to Maverick and everything is working fine now.
Batch image editor!Edit your images online quickly and easily and also for FREE! With PicGhost you can edit all your images online, no software or installations required.

Add watermark, or edit photos with hundreds of effects and filters.
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