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Juiced Cross Current / Ibera Rack Installation
In response to the difficulties Cross Current owners are having with installing racks I have posted some detailed information below. On my previous demo model of the Cross Current I was able to easily install it with the existing hardware. When that bike wa...

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1984 Raleigh Marathon Part 1
This 1984 Raleigh Marathon was one of two bikes that were found in the ocean and are now in my possession in accordance with maritime law. However they will both need a substantial amount of work to get back on the road. These pictures were taken after some...

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1974 Raleigh Sports
When I first acquired this bike it was covered in several pounds of galvanized bolt-ons for cheap accessories like reflectors, frame pump, etc. It had been splattered with white latex paint, and sadly the original Brooks B72 Saddle was too dry rotted to sav...

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2016 Juiced Cross Current
After a recent injury I purchased my first e-bike. It is also the first new non-vintage bicycle I've ever owned. I ended up choosing a Cross Current from Juiced Bikes mainly based on it's power and price. This being a new model I have found very little info...

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Romani Update
I'm fortunate to have creative parents. My mom is a talented author and my dad is a talented painter and sculptor. A couple of years ago I asked my dad to paint my favorite frame however he wanted. He agreed and I shipped off the frame to him. He recently f...

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Cody P commented on a post on Blogger.
I recently received a question regarding the bottom bracket on this bike. Several older Japanese bikes use a 70mm bottom bracket shell with english threads. When replacing or updating this can be a hassle since english threaded bottom brackets are for a 68mm shell.

Why? I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

There are 3 work arounds I have seen for this issue:
1. Sealed cartridge - Use a 68mm English threaded cartridge without a flange on the non-drive side. This way it can thread inside of the shell. (An existing flange can also be easily removed since these are usually plastic.)
2. Cup & Cone bottom bracket - Use regular English threaded cups and an Italian 70mm spindle.
3. File down the shell itself to be 68mm. (Last resort method)

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The Seatpost From Hell... (How To Remove A Stuck Seatpost)
A while back I encountered an impossibly stuck seatpost on an old Bianchi. I tried everything from a pipe wrench, to cutting the seatpost in half with a hacksaw blade from the inside out. All efforts failed miserably and added to my frustration. The only me...

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1987 Schwinn Cimarron
After a move across the country my first priority was not "Where are we going to live?" but, "What is my next bike project going to be?" So I picked up an old mountain bike frame and shuffled around it in the hotel room until I found a place to live. Almost...

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Saddle Recovery
When working on old bikes I often come across saddles like the one below. They look worn-out, cheap, and been in a strangers nether region. Taking these things into consideration usually discard them. However in general these saddles are decently comfortabl...

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2014 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix and Vintage Bike Show
Spent the morning watching the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix and checking out the Vintage Bike Show on the infield. Snapped some action shots and some notable bikes below. An extraordinary compact frame by Zunow Shift lever placement Red drive-side / White non...
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