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If you think this music is kind of paralyzing, then you are definitely too fast: Doom over the World!
If you think this music is kind of paralyzing, then you are definitely too fast: Doom over the World!


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ENTER THE SOIL (former Hirsute) from New Zealand serve top quality, haunting death/funeral doom metal on "That Amber Lit Morning" #review #doommetalfront
ENTER THE SOIL "That Amber Lit Morning" self-release / unsigned Coming from Wellington, New Zealand, ENTER THE COIL serves a stunning piece of death/funeral doom metal influenced by early Anathema, Katatonia, My Dying Bride as well as Mournful Congregation ...

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Swedish BELOW are riding "Upon A Pale Horse" into the heaven of epic doom metal! #review #doommetalfront
BELOW "Upon A Pale Horse" Relapse Records Coming from Nyköping in Sweden, BELOW recruits of Malison Rogue and ex-Xaiphodius members, which explains the band's strong connection to 80s heavy metal that is rolled out in most epic melancholy and leaden riffage...

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Mighty WARCRAB is crawling off burning lava to roll and slash relentlessly with "Scars Of Aeons". Bolt Thrower meets Fistula – a brute sludge/death metal bastard! #review #doommetalfront
WARCRAB "Scars Of Aeons" Transcending Obscurity Records Fitting to contemporary madness, this UK band is sonically opening the "Scars Of Aeons" humanity caused to earth. The album rolls like lava spit out of the breaking crust, relentlessly burning all in i...

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COME TO GRIEF's "The Worst Of Times" is a devastating monument of sludge reminding of the slowly grinding past and leading into a sonically crushing future! Featuring original Grief member Terry Savastano! #review #doommetalfront
COME TO GRIEF "The Worst Of Times" Fuck Yoga Records Named after the debut full-length album of legendary sludge/doom formation Grief, original guitarist Terry Savastano founded COME TO GRIEF in 2014 focussing on early Grief songs written by or with Terry. ...

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CURSUS are conquering the battlefield of doom with relentlessly rolling riffage, punching rhythms and barbaric vocals! #review #doommetalfront
CURSUS s/t Artificial Head Records San Antonio based sludge roller CURSUS are sending out their relentless riffage to conquer the battlefield of doom. Combined with a massive, stomach kicking rhythm section as well as barbaric vocals I feel like barked at b...

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Atmospheric fuzzed out doom from Birmingham (UK) KROH signs with Minotauro records for CD release of their last release "Altars"! #announcement #kroh #doommetalfront
Birmingham has a lot to answer for: the heaving, riff-laden home of heavy metal has thrown up some classics over the years, and been a fertile breeding ground for those with a penchant for the doomier end of the musical spectrum. One of the city’s latest of...

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DAUTHA's "Den Förste" MCD/12-Inch-EP is giving a first taste of their top quality, murky medieval doom metal in the vein of Griftegård, Cathedral, Count Raven, Pagan Altar and the likes! #review #doommetalfront
DAUTHA "Den Förste" MCD / 12-Inch-EP Ván Records Swedish DAUTHA is the brainchild of Ola Blomkvist – songwriter, lyricist and guitarist of Griftegård – channeling his grand inspiration into the new project, which serves doom metal that is highly epic as wel...

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ARCTIC SLEEP re-release "Arbors" & "Passage Of Gaia" on The Church Within Records – Both classics are still a revelation of doom and gloom, psychedelia and slow heavy rock in its utmost apperance! #review #doommetalfront
ARCTIC SLEEP "Arbors" (re-release) The Church Within Records This is a double feature on two amazing albums by Milwaukee's ARCTIC SLEEP, which have both become classics yet: "Arbors" (2012) and "Passage Of Gaia" (2014). Now, German label, The Church Within ...

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GREEN METEOR smells like doom spirit being "Consumed By A Dying Sun" – Acid King style space doom meets Nirvana's punk'n'roll! #review #doommetalfront
GREEN METEOR "Consumed By A Dying Sun" Argonauta Records Coming from Philadelphia, GREEN METEOR play serious stoner/doom that is cosily rolling through spaced-out, oscillating, fuzz-driven soundscapes making me feel like being 'Consumed By A Dying Sun', whi...

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ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE from Finland make you crawl "Among the Ruins" playing slowly grinding doom metal as abyssal as old school death metal and epic like majestic Pallbearer! #review #doommetalfront
ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE "Among the Ruins" Transcending Obscurity Records Moon, Mars, Saturn or Sun? That's old hat! From now on, we bow down at the ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE – as modern space and doom travellers – praying to the gods of Orion constellation and to tho...
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