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Calendula officinalis

flower, herb
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Happy Birthday and Best wishes to +Carina Marsh !
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Thank you so much for these wonderful flowers wishes. It has been a very great pleasure for me!
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By +Don Komarechka . Wonderful image!
Happy Canada Day Everyone!
You may have seen this image before – it’s one of my favourite images, and it’s the photography that defined the beginning of my career as a professional photographer. It’s also my most stolen image of all time, and you’ll probably see it floating around the internet quite a bit on the most patriotic of Canadian holidays. I’m thrilled that so many people think that this photograph is a defining symbol of Canada.

I created the image over the span of four months – preserving bright red leaves in the fall, and waiting for the perfect winter day – sunshine after a fresh snowfall with no wind. The results were better than I had imagined, and the creation of this image gave me the encouragement to walk down a path that would see my photography grow into a full-time job.

I’m proud of the images that I create, and I depend on them for my livelihood. It saddens me greatly when I see people offering this image on coffee mugs and mousepads, using it in commercial and corporate contexts all without my permission or any compensation. This is actually the only image that I will not normally license – I don’t want it entangled in private or commercial interests that might exclude some Canadians. I have a legal team that helps me recover some of my income from these commercial cases, and I don’t pursue the thousands of people who simply share this image personally. I wouldn’t want to.

If you like this image, please share this post. I want everyone to see this image, and also to know that its creator is a passionate independent artist. It may sound selfish to say that I want my name attached to my work, but I know it isn’t too much to ask. If you see this image shared separately on the internet or in any social media, I’d greatly appreciate you letting the person know who the image belongs to.

In a way, I want this image to belong to us all. I want it to stand as a symbol that all Canadians can say defines Canada. However, I hate having this artwork stolen and misappropriated. Much of this is done with ignorance of copyright, and I understand that most personal posts are done with without people being aware that they have done anything wrong. Maybe this is what bothers me the most. If you’d like to use this image for any reason, feel free to contact me – I even offer it as a fine art canvas print.

I’m proud to be Canadian. I love the natural beauty this country has to offer, I love the society in which I live, and with many faults I’m still satisfied of what our government accomplishes. Today is a day to reflect on all the great things that Canada has contributed to the world. I hope Canada continues to make the world a better place.

Technical photo details:
- The leaves were preserved by ironing them in wax paper. I remembered doing this when I was very young, and the technique was perfect for keeping the leaves flat and vibrant until I needed them.

- The wax on the leaves created a lot of reflection, so a circular polarizer was used to cut that down and reveal the saturated colour of the leaves.

- A day with no wind was required, as the dried leaves are so light and fragile that even the tiniest whisper of wind would blow them away and destroy them.

- One of the tips of the leaves was broken, and the stem of the centered leaf was too long. These were the only major edits done to the image, aside from cropping.

- The image is cropped to be 2:1, the same ratio as the Canadian flag. The US flag and most other flags in the world are 3:2, and the flag of Canada is often misprinted in a 3:2 ratio.

- I intentionally left some defects on the center leaf. I didn’t want the image to look too perfect; as patriotic as I am, I know that Canada isn’t a perfect country (there is no such thing!).
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Dana Hermanová

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Not only flower. :-)
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Dana Hermanová

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Happy Birthday and Best wishes to +Mimi Round !
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You´re welcome, +Mimi Round ! Have a wonderful time!
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Euphorbia weed. Nice green.
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Thank you very much, +Alexandre Fagundes de Fagundes !
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Dana Hermanová

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Happy Birthday and Best wishes to +Masayuki Hori !
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Thank you very much !! (^o^)/
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Dana Hermanová

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Happy Birthday and Best wishes to +Muriel Law !
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Dana Hermanová

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some run ...

Lepus europaeus
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And next share by +Brandon Leibowitz . Please react at his original post through the link below. Have a wonderful time!
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Happy Birthday and Best wishes to +Don Komarechka !
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You´re welcome, +Don Komarechka ! Thank you for your kind words. Have a wonderful time!
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