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A/W 14
This year's key winter pieces have been well-documented thus far and
the coming season brings with it a delectable selection of dream-like
details and otherworldly outwear. It is not a season to perfect minimalism but
to embrace the imagination of fairy tal...

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How To Be Fit Now
Let's get fit - people like to make a lot of New Year's resolutions about that. I’m not one to take too many selfies during a workout à la
Adriana but I share some rather fundamental and excellent tips with you that I’ve gathered over
the years. First of al...

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So in the spirit of summer dressing I’ve been whipping out
the shorts in South Africa, see Exhibit A: The shorts are Bitching and Junkfood and the shirt, bag and shoes are ZARAduh (form
hence forth any clothing purchased from ZARA will be referred to as ZAR...

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Cape Town Food Break
So I’ve been out of the loop over the Christmas period, away
in South Africa avoiding the treacherous weather of home. In fact it was a
miracle our flight got out of the airport at all but that’s another story. Now the best thing about seeking out winter su...

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Just one thing...
How to look fabulous for the New Year. Wise words, betches. Watch this gals xx

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Pre-January Sale Sales
I haven’t updated in a while and this can be put down to two
things: hideous university work. And I’m lazy.  Oh well, things have a way of reappearing when you least
expect it and I think the last few days of 2013 need some appreciation and
attention before...

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Because running is fun
So it's that time of year again... Happy 1st December! And maybe you've signed up for a half or full marathon. Or maybe you're starting to think that after all these mince pies you should. Or perhaps you're really not bothered at all. Well, the beauty of ex...

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You'e Invited to the Nike Party
So you need some new trainers but don’t know what to get?  Let’s discuss your options. Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Nike. (But should be). First up the Free Runs , an easy little shoe not so good for
impact. Personally I'd enjoy wearing causally, exerc...
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