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I am human. I think...
I am human. I think...

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My day to day life has been impacted from a few things.

If you can read to the bottom, go get a cookie.

I am hoping for any help to pay back at the very least, the hospital bill.

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So, the bill will still be due. Any help....a dollar, a $10.... will be met with squeals of joy!

Can't afford to pay back this myself completely so I am asking and begging for help. The people at North Hills Hospital took me in when i couldn't breath from my lungs being so swollen from a STILL unknown inflammation reaction. I am being put on life long medication to keep this from happening again. 

Plus I have to see a pulmologist ... pulmonaryist?...well....a lung specialist now along with an RA doctor, physical therapist and a pain management doctor. Kinda scared to see what other kind of doctor will end up in my life. 

sighs so any help, would be a relief. 

If you yourself cannot help any, pass it along to friends and family. I would love to pay my hospital bill! So far the total is around 100k for the 9 days I was in there. =(

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I support the January 18th Wikipedia blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA. Show your support here
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