Background Images for Recommendations.

*Update:  I have this working now.  I have created a Gist that can be used as a guide to implement a ContentProvider that the RecommendationCardView is requesting to get the background images working.


Something seems to have changed with one of the recent updates to the ADT-1.   I have tried the following items to set the extras setting keys.

EXTRA_BACKGROUND_IMAGE_URI = "android.backgroundImageUri";
EXTRA_BACKGROUND_IMAGE_URL = "background_image_url";

the extras is created as follows:

Bundle extras = new Bundle();
if (mBackgroundUri != null) {
extras.putString(EXTRA_BACKGROUND_IMAGE_URI, mBackgroundUri);
extras.putString(EXTRA_BACKGROUND_IMAGE_URL, mBackgroundUri);

Where the mBackgroundUri is a valid and working HTTP URL to an image.    I added teh EXTRAB_BACKGROUND_IMAGE_URI entry recently as I noticed the AndroidTV-Leanback example had changed to have that entry.

Even with this change, none of my Recommendation Notifications are changing the background when they are selected.

I saw some mention of a content provider needing to be created, but these aren't items or resources on the system or within the app, but available via a public url with in the network.

Hoping one of the Android TV devs can point me in the correct direction here.
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