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Come join us for a beautiful evening of fun and worldly adventure. The good people at Troccoli, along with our new friends at Baco, have opened their beautiful roof top terrace over looking three volcanoes, and will host a sunset wine tasting from around the world. There will be wines from Europe, the Americas and some more adventurous labels from the other side of the world. The experts will walk us through the different vintages and help us to understand how to pair each one with a dish that will bring out the best qualities of each vintage. There will be wines for every palette and every budget, and an opportunity to try wines from many continents. Please join us for a beautiful evening, a beautiful sunset and a bit of "education" for us adults. All the proceeds go to build the new Oxford Montessori play ground for the children here in the Antigua community. 

Your ticket includes the wine tasting and pairing as well as an entrance to the raffle for a chance to win excellent prizes from all of your favorite places here in Antigua. You can buy your tickets at Oxford in the Guatemala City or Antigua, or call us for details on how to reserve a ticket 7832 5969 or 2368 1332.

Ven y únete a nosotros para una noche llena de diversión y aventura. La gente amable de Troccoli, junto con nuestros nuevos amigos de Baco, han abierto su linda terraza con vista a tres volcanes, y alojará una degustación de vinos de alrededor del mundo. Habrá vinos de Europa, América, y otras etiquetas más aventureras del otro lado del mundo. Los expertos nos guiarán a través de las distintas cosechas y nos ayudarán a entender cómo combinar cada una con un platillo que resaltará las mejores cualidades de cada cosecha. Habrá vino para todo tipo de paladar y todo tipo de presupuesto, y la oportunidad de catar vinos de distintos continentes. Por favor únete a nosotros para una bella tarde, un bello atardecer, y uno poco de "educación" para nosotros los adultos. Todas las ganancias se utilizarán para construir el nuevo parque de juegos de Oxford Montessori para los niños de la comunidad de Antigua.

El boleto incluye la degustación de vinos y el platillo combinado así como una entrada a la rifa para una oportunidad de ganar premios excelentes de todos tus lugares favoritos de Antigua. Puedes comprar tu boleto en Oxford en la Ciudad de Guatemala o en Antigua, o llámanos para mas detalles de cómo reservar un boleto al 7832-5969 o 2368-1332.

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The point Stephen Fry makes is true, yet I can't help feeling bothered when I accidentally send a text that contains a "your" where a "you're" should be.

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I want this to be true.
With DirecTV's contract expiring at the end of the 2014 season, Google might try to give the NFL a new home on YouTube.

Do you LIKE the idea of every NFL game on YouTube?

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Bill Gates has already had an amazing career, but the work he is doing to eradicate diseases world wide is truly something to admire. This is a 60 minutes interview in which he talks about his inspirations and some of the new technologies being created to help developing countries.

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Educational publication was one of the most prominent fields to be profoundly impacted by technology when Johannes Gutenberg invented the movable-type printing press in the early 15th century. Why is it then, when compared to other industries in our digital age, that it has changed so little? Students are still carrying and buying massive textbooks every year. Schools are still recommending students buy them. And vendors are still selling them for outrageously high prices.

Both Google and Apple see this problem and are trying to capitalize on it. It is interesting to note however, that education was almost an afterthought for these tech giants. Both companies took care of music, movies, television, games, and even magazines before they settled on trying to revolutionize educational literature.

What's the hold up? Is it the publishers? The schools? I know it's not the market. University students are eager to not have to fork up hundreds every semester on used and out of date books.

There are other companies making headway in this field such as Inkling. I'm just surprised at how long it is taking to make some real widespread progress. Projects like these show that the big guys are taking it seriously and that is an overall good thing.

P.S. Has anyone else noticed that the price of graphing calculators hasn't changed in like 15 years? What gives? The price of an iPhone drops significantly every year when the new edition comes out, but graphing calculators, which have barely changed, have prices that essentially stay the same for 15 years?

More about Inkling:

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Interesting new revenue model created to support quality niche content that relies on the community instead of on advertisers.

According to the creators: "Is that idealistic? Hell yes, it is."

It's nice to see people trying new things on the internet instead of allowing it to go the way of television.

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Donation is great... but beware of "charities" who don't put your money where you intended it to go!

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Icon Ambulance

One Sunday morning, January 6th, 2008 I was attending religious services when my cell phone vibrated. As discreetly as possible, I checked the phone and noticed that my phone said "Caller ID unknown". I choose to ignore.

After services, as I was walking to my car with my family, I checked my cell phone messages. The message left was from Steve Jobs. "Vic, can you call me at home? I have something urgent to discuss" it said.

Before I even reached my car, I called Steve Jobs back. I was responsible for all mobile applications at Google, and in that role, had regular dealings with Steve. It was one of the perks of the job.

"Hey Steve - this is Vic", I said. "I'm sorry I didn't answer your call earlier. I was in religious services, and the caller ID said unknown, so I didn't pick up".

Steve laughed. He said, "Vic, unless the Caller ID said 'GOD', you should never pick up during services".

I laughed nervously. After all, while it was customary for Steve to call during the week upset about something, it was unusual for him to call me on Sunday and ask me to call his home. I wondered what was so important?

"So Vic, we have an urgent issue, one that I need addressed right away. I've already assigned someone from my team to help you, and I hope you can fix this tomorrow" said Steve.

"I've been looking at the Google logo on the iPhone and I'm not happy with the icon. The second O in Google doesn't have the right yellow gradient. It's just wrong and I'm going to have Greg fix it tomorrow. Is that okay with you?"

Of course this was okay with me. A few minutes later on that Sunday I received an email from Steve with the subject "Icon Ambulance". The email directed me to work with Greg Christie to fix the icon.

Since I was 11 years old and fell in love with an Apple II, I have dozens of stories to tell about Apple products. They have been a part of my life for decades. Even when I worked for 15 years for Bill Gates at Microsoft, I had a huge admiration for Steve and what Apple had produced.

But in the end, when I think about leadership, passion and attention to detail, I think back to the call I received from Steve Jobs on a Sunday morning in January. It was a lesson I'll never forget. CEOs should care about details. Even shades of yellow. On a Sunday.

To one of the greatest leaders I've ever met, my prayers and hopes are with you Steve.


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If you're a K-12 educator interested in teaching CS and computational thinking, sign up to learn to program with Scratch in a free, online “Creative Computing” course:

Built on Course Builder (—an open source platform built by Google to support massive online open courses (MOOCs), this class was also funded by a CS4HS grant from Google. Class is in session starting today at You can also join the Creative Computing Online Workshop community here on Google+ for updates:

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