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I've been creating Factions and Threats for my upcoming convention game, but mostly for my own amusement (which doesn't take much). Here's a Threat that I think will be kinda fun:

An 'economy' starport in the Cuernavaca system. Security is lax, corruption is rampant, vandalism is likely, and the whole operation is skeevy. It's not a total dump -- you can still get basic goods and services at a fair price. It's just a sub-par place, is all.

AGENDA: Make money, skim here and there, keep patrons from getting killed

- When you attempt to bribe starport personnel, roll + Influence. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. Hold can be spent as a modifier on any moves involving starport services, security, or interaction with personnel.

- When you leave your ship docked at Xerada for more than 2 hours, roll 2D6 when you return. On a 10+, pick 3. On a 7-9, pick 1:

- No one has tried to break into your ship
- There's no graffitti on the hull
- No small, surface modules or decorations have been removed (i.e., you still have hubcaps)
- No one tries to mug you on your way back to the ship

Hey, gang! I want to have a big alien monster, a beast of sorts, you know. So I created this threat. Feel free to critique!

A threek is a 4-meter-long, crocodilian creature that lives in swamps on some god-forsaken planet somewhere. It has nasty fangs, big claws, a thick hide, and an unpleasant temper. It has an unpleasant smell, too, which is bad news for anyone who gets close to it. Oh, and it's hostile. Verrrrrry hostile.

In a fight, it counts as three threats: the fangs, the claws, and the smell. Anyone close enough to Launch an Assault is susceptible to all three.

AGENDA: Defend its territory, eat (mate)

- Swipe at them with claws
- Bite!
- Hurtle forward and knock them down
- Stink like a trash fire, a hamper, and a bucket of yeast
- Swing a heavy tail around

- These suckers cannot climb. Like, at all.
- They do, however, have a thick hide, which makes injuring one kinda difficult.


Okay! So I juuuust bought a copy of this yesterday (have already read the PDF, waiting for the bound version), and I like what I see. Since space opera is my thang, that's a compliment. I'm looking forward to running this at my (semi-)local con in a couple'a months (Who's Yer Con, in Indianapolis).

Question, though: Did I miss it, or is there no Relationship stat? I like those. If there isn't one, I'll jam one in. 

Hi! I'm working on a C+ hack, and I'm not sure how Relationships work in an action context.

This is a game of wacky space hijinks and flashy action, but in which the characters' relationships to one another are important, too. I'm considering Action dice, and let's say that my game's Core Traits are Roles and Relationships.

BuuUUUuUUUUt...what Relationship applies when a character is, say, ambushed by space barbarians or something? His Hitter Role for sure makes sense, but what Relationship applies? Let's say that the space barbarians are just an environmental hazard, so it's not like the PC has a Relationship trait with them.

Maybe I should make Relationships an extra thing, huh? Or what? How do they even work?!

[N.B. I'm working out of the Hacker's Guide, and don't have access to Smallville for whatever Dramatic rules are therein.]

Thanks in advance!

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Ohhhhhh....kay. Somebody...some-- somebody explain this to me, please, quickly, before my brain explodes from how awesome this looks. I NEED TO KNOW PLEASE.

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I'm not the only one who gets this vibe, right...?

Any ideas for making younger characters (say, teenagers) in Cypher System? Or are they in the rulebook, and I missed it because I'm a dork?

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