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Rita Beynon

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I came across this activity and thought, "Heck Yea! A way to get rid of all the beads we have laying around." Well, it turns out that we had so much fun with the few beads that we were actually abl...
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Rita Beynon

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As someone who likes to entertain I'm always on the look out for little bits and pieces of extras to leave for my guests.  At Christmas, B and I made green Rice Krispie treats, cut them out in Tree shapes and decorated them w...
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Rita Beynon

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it's good to have company
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Rita Beynon

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Rita Beynon

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As any good stay at home would, I have started with some 4th of July activities.  Funny thing: my kids are 1 and 3, do they even give a rats bum about the 4th?  We will BBQ and maybe see the fireworks, though I don't feel up ...
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Mommy, Educator, trainer, mommy mommy mommy

East coast girl living in Southern California.  Former teacher turned trainer, wife, and mommy.  I have a love for all thing health, fitness, and family related.  I found myself through these things and hope to help others find the same.

  • Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
    Education/History & Lacrosse, 2001
  • Azusa Pacific University
    Special Education, 2003 - 2004
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Mom in Training, Trainer
Making 3 different breakfasts while being summomed "mommy mommy mommy"
  • IM=X Pilates Santa Barbara
    Pilates, Yoga, TRX, Barre, Spinning Instructor
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Santa Barbara, CA
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Mommy Diaries

In the last year or so I've seen a lot of blogs and articles revolving around the idea of the mommy wars, working vs. stay at home mom. Then

Another Brick in the Wall

I will never forget the look of relief on my mothers face after hanging up the phone (which was rotary) with a teacher who was kind enough t

If you grow it, they will eat it

FRESHLY picked, kale (2 types), spinach, Romaine, and Beet Greens  add in some frozen organic peas and a little pear  It It is not every

Number Practice

Just a cute little activity we do to kill the time and work on counting. I bought 3 colors of felt, made a tree and some apples. Using glitt

todays snack

Blaire and I had to compromise on snack today. If it were up to her, she would eat a giant bowl of fruit and nothing else. We agreed to half

kid you are sucking the life out of me

 I am a proud breast feeding momma. I truly believe that if you can physically do it (breast feed) then you should. (however, I do not t

Beach Ready

As an avid exerciser and someone who has worked in large fitness clubs as well as small studios, I am always amused how certain times of yea


Well, it seems another year came and went. Each time one of my girls has a birthday all I can think is, "man, another year gone by that fast

Why I will be called Mrs Beynon

I'll never forget a student telling me that I was mean when I said that my children's friends will call me Mrs. Beynon. Mean? I looked at hi

No so great moments in Parenting

I think I will create a moments in parenting section where I can share all the good, bad, and ugly, and hopefully some of you will as well.

2 New Favorite snacks

Ordering Thai food one night made me think that I needed to make a peanut sauce/dip for the girls that wouldn't be too spicy. Some quick web

My next 30

In the past week I've had two questions asked of me, 1. Do I miss my job teaching? 2. Am I okay with not exercising as much as I did pre-chi

Home Made Paints

Ok, I've seen all the home made safe paint stuff out there on other blogs and Pinterest and truly I've thought, "cool, I'll save that idea,

Ive become my Mom!?!

As a teenager I remember over hearing my mom talking to another parent and being mortified as she went on and on about the wonderful things

one more thing

"There is a pile of shorts that need to be washed for tomorrow on the floor" This is what my husband tells me while I am on my way from work

Im the Bad Mom

I ran into a friend/acquaintance in the grocery store today; our youngest children are a little over a month apart in age. I was the lucky o


Wednesday's have become Pizza day for the girls. Blaire loves to make her own homemade pizza. She gets to roll the dough and put on the topp


Exercise Tip of the Day: Buddy Up Let's face it, it is hard to motivate to get out whether it be to the gym or just out for a walk, etc. If

Go to Snacks for the girls

I've been told that I've been blessed with good eaters. I suppose that that is true. However, I can't help but think that my husband and I h

Passing on a great article.

I'd like to pass on an article written by my boss, Pilates mentor, Master Trainer, and IM=X studio owner, Chanda Fetter, whom, will be teach