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Steven Fisher
Change your game. Be a rebel.
Change your game. Be a rebel.

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Great photo workflow advice.
Win one of three free copies — NEW — Organize Your Photos!

If you wanna win one, leave a comment like "I want it!" or something along those lines that indicates you want to better organize your photos!  Pop on over to -- that's where we'll make the announcement!

The tutorial is designed for three kinds of Organization and Workflow: 1) Relaxed – for those people that are very busy with “real life” and just need to get their photos basically organized. 2) Moderate – a thorough system to get everything organized that will bring you mental solitude. 3) OBSESSIVE – the most extreme organizational and workflow methodology, which is the same method that I use!  

I know a lot of you guys (like me) use Google+ a lot.  There is quite a bit in here about how to use Google+ for backing up your photos into the cloud as well.  Enjoy!

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Wow. Now if I was going to build an R/C airplane, this would be it. But people would complain about the seat pitch even more than they do now :)
R/C Airbus A380
This is one giant R/C plane. I think the little RC helicopter I bought the other day is nothing compared to this enormous plane. +Daniel Kunde I think you will love this :-)

Length : 4.80 Meter
Wide : 5.30 Meter
Start weight: 70,8 Kg
Tank : 10 Liter
Consumption : 1,2 Liter per minute


ANNOUNCEMENT: +Ja-Nae Duane and I are thrilled to finally be able to announce that we have received a book deal from McGraw Hill to publish our first book together called "The Startup Economy". It is a visual guidebook filled with interviews, case studies and infographics that covers the global entreprenurial ecosystem. It will be out in the fall of 2014. More news to come!

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Great post from my friend +David Sparks

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Tesla is my hero and the Oatmeal cartoon is just epic. Thanks +Ja-Nae Duane for sharing.

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Great advice on learning and growing outside your comfort zone from +Ja-Nae Duane 

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