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Nice day everyone,
Our new educational apps are ready to download on Windows Phone Store.
Please follow this link to download our apps on Windows phone Store:

Hope you have a good time with those apps!

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Hi guys
Panda's Supermarket app now is available on the stores. If you have a kid, please DON'T hesitate to download it for your kids. Let your kids have a fun and great time with Panda Supermarket app.
Follow this link to download the app:
Google Play Store:
App Store: Coming soon
Windows Phone Store:
Amazon Appstore:

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Panda’s Supermarket is the new app designed for preschoolers (especially for baby girls).
The game is the adventure of the Panda with her mother inside the supermarket. Your kids will take part in the interesting adventure together with the Pandas.
Especially No ads
What's in free version? Each time you open and play the game, you can play up to 50 different lessons.
It's coming soon! Please wait!
#ActivePanda #Supermarket #Gamekids #Preschoolers

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Do your kids love fairy tale characters such as Cinderella, Frog, Puss and Jack?
Your kids will have opportunity to meet these famous characters in our story apps.
Our story apps now are available on Windows phone store and all free to download. Please enjoy them!
#ActivePanda #Supermarket #Gamekids #Preschoolers

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Hi there
Are you searching a simple and effective educational app for your children? Why don’t you try the new app named Handy Toddler ?
Handy Toddler game is a new educational app that our company- Active Panda designed for toddlers.
Developed by California credentialed teachers, Handy Toddler is a collection of 50 different fun activities that encourage children to learn and use their imagination and critical thinking.
This is one app that combine education & entertainment value with ease and with so many activities for kids to explore, it is an app that will last for a long time.
please try it out and give us your feedback!

Now available on Google Play and Windows phone store, coming soon on Appstore.

Google Play:

Windows Phone Store:

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Hi all,
We currently let you download our storybook apps with the full story for free.
Don't miss the chance to have so much fun with your kids by downloading our apps now!

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