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Would be nice to see items remaining in queue, just beside or underneath the time display, e.g. "24:42 25" rather than just "24:42". Text could be a bit smaller if needed.

Although you can probably guess what it says, tapping on the time display gives a help message which goes off the edge of the screen.

Loading and synching seems faster now, but would like to see percentage/"X of Y done"/progress bar while it's doing something.

How often is progress synched while in study session by the way? Should I return to dashboard after a session?
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Somehow I've got the settings wrong with the inbuilt notification stuff and my sounds are not getting muted at night time. I think this may possibly have happened after getting the latest Android OTA updates. I have the Galaxy Note 4 running 6.0.1 with the September security patch.

What should I have the built-in Android Do Not Disturb settings as? I just noticed that Notification Access was turned off for Silence Premium DND so I've turned that back on.

I can post a screenshot of the settings screen if needed.


On the iOS app new words from your study list will get added every so often if you study enough to get your queue down to 0. Doesn't seem like this happens on the Android app. Is this due to be implemented? I'm alternating between using iPod and Android at the moment for this reason.

Here's a lower priority issue: a few days ago I renewed my subscription, as it was due to expire (around today I think). Today, when I came to use the Android app I was told the subscription had expired and would need to buy a new subscription in order to add new words. Logging out and back in was the workaround but it did seem to require a sync which took a few minutes. Ideally the app would be aware if the user had already subscribed. I used the iPod Touch app just earlier today and it worked fine i.e. did not require logging out and back in again or a significant sync to be aware of the renewal.

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I have just been using version 0.0.1612 on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.3), and on a first generation Nexus 7 and a Nexus 10 (both Android 4.4.4).

Initial loading progress bar (is this a first sync?) after running app for first time, does not give a percentage or estimated time or amount of data remaining. Right now it is just a number which increases. It downloads around 6MB and takes 2-3 minutes.

App seems stricter than iOS one if you get a stroke wrong or if it does not recognise a stroke. This means I am having to correct my score from the red X to the yellow so-so or green tick more often. This is more likely to happen on the Galaxy Nexus which is the least powerful device where I guess it's struggling to keep up with the strokes sometimes.

I do not like the app going full screen (hiding the clock/battery/notifications at the top). Conventionally, an app would ask you if it is OK to do that. If I have problems syncing I would want to glance up and check I have a signal and if I only have a few minutes to practise I'd want to see the clock. Could there at least be an option to disable full screen?

Occasionally I'll get a screen with the pinyin, tones, Hanzi and the definition all shown at once. See attached.

The app certainly has improved a lot in the last couple of versions and I'm not getting problems with very long loading times or the queue saying 0 like on the older versions, so thanks for implementing the updates so far - I'm already finding it a very usable alternative to my iPod Touch!

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