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I have always had a passion for music but for the past 14 years I have primarily been a worship musician. In fact worship has become a passion and over the last 5 years worship has become a healthy obsession. I recently read a book that completely changed my outlook on worship by Bob Kauflin called Worship Matters. It was written for worship leaders but I think that every worship musician would benefit from reading this book.
Bob posted these videos, linked 1 of 3, of his presentation at a worship conference. The content primarily focuses on piano but also like his book, think this series is something that every worship musician can benefit from. A statement I ether read or heard him say is: Playing in a worship team is more about listening then actually playing. The more I mature as a worship musician the more I realize the truth behind this statement

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Some pretty cool new features added in VMware vSphere 5.1. I will probably make the jump. 
If you manage any VMware infrastructure of any kind, I recommend reading Eric Sloof's blog. He is current, relevant and has really good insight.

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A good friend of mine told me today he wasn't voting for either Romney or Obama because he doesn't agree with Obama and  Romney is a Mormon. Being an Evangelical Christian who defines himself by his faith, voting for a Mormon doesn't excite me either, but we have to be careful and make logical   decisions. I was going to wright a lengthy argument why Christians should vote for Romney, but it turns out someone else already did!

Does anyone else find it interesting that the very first sin of the Bible that exposed man to evil and removed him from only knowing good was a bite out of a single piece of fruit?
#boycottapple   #boycottappleforlife  

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Thank you VMware, this is really good new! I take back what I said about regretting I switched from Citrix XenServer! Now, what would be really awesome is letting people return all those licenses they no longer need.
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