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I think that I shall never see / a Poem, as lovely as a B-Tree...
I think that I shall never see / a Poem, as lovely as a B-Tree...

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I do love the stuff these guys put out, and assume that some of you may be interested... and willing to support!

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Love it!

Well, that was disappointing. When I heard that the first release of broad policy objectives for tax reform had come out, I went first to Fox News and CNN (as is my general activity, to get two perspectives on the issue) to read up on them and see what was proposed.

Sadly, though CNN had two separate pieces on it (one "news" and one opinion) it became rapidly evident that both had been written before the proposals were made public! One contained a mix of Trump's campaign rhetoric and the actual proposal, leading it to (among other things) list two separate "bottom" tax bracket numbers just two scant paragraphs from each other. The opinion piece did nothing to update itself from the rhetoric, just running along with outdated information that had little to do with what was proposed.

I'm disappointed - how am I supposed to get two different views on events to comb through to make an informed opinion, when one of the biggest sources here can't be bothered to put out up-to-date information? I'm primarily annoyed because historically CNN does a better job. Now, not only do I not have a good view from the left on the issue, I have no reliable yardstick by which to judge the article written from the right, either.


My umbrella is approximately large enough for eleventy-one people to shelter beneath, yet I am still soaked from shoulder to foot.

Demolition man: Don't worry, this is a shaped charge.
Prisoner (behind locked door): Uh, what kind of shape?
Demolition man: Spherical!

With my current gig being in the healthcare space, we have monthly health-oriented posters telling you about depression, or "don't go bacon my heart", diabetes and the like.

This month's slogan is "Heart Your Colon".

I'm gonna ride this gift all month long.

Awesome. When they left, many of the Dakota pipeline protesters left their dogs and cats to freeze in the Dakota winter, or be bulldozed by authorities. Also, they left several TONS of trash to helpfully poison the local tribe's water supply when the rains come.

Way to go.


Breathing is fundamental.

What do you add to crock pot pork, onion, Bell peppers, black pepper and garlic to fill out the flavor?

Ginger does the trick, it turns out.

Star trek: Beyond is the first of the reboot movies that actually feels like Star Trek.
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