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Help if you can.
Gwen is my cousin. The place (I struggle to call it a house) she has been living while she put herself through school has been foreclosed on and even though she's just a tenant, that means she's being evicted. I just attended her graduation and she has already gotten a great new job and is off to a fine start in her new career but she hasn't had time to save the money she needs to get into a new place before she becomes homeless! She's worked really hard and we're all so proud of her. I'm so frustrated on her behalf that she's had yet another roadblock thrown in her path when she's so close to seeing the payoff for all her hard work!

If you can afford a small donation or boost this message for us, we'd be very grateful. <3

Today I learned that my hearing is bad in my left ear. I also learned that the state of California doesn't think that's a problem and that your hearing has to be bad in both ears. That is shit.

Anybody know who I can get in touch with concerning taking action against Sacramento regarding this bigotry against the disabled?

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It is the GM's role to see that the players know what they are getting into, and to have a good idea of how best to handle it. There will be times when the players will be ignorant of what is going on, but in no way should they be kept ignorant of what is going on.

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Haven't listened to the whole thing, but what I have heard reminded me of one thing. That thing is how we get influenced by previous work in ours.

Gygax for instance was influenced by Ars Magica in Mythus. In Mythus the Mage and the Priest are powerful, in many respects more powerful than any other character type. AM was designed for troupe play. Mythus not so much, but troupe play is still possible.

In fact, while in Ars Magica troupe play is focused around the magi as leader, in Mythus most anybody could be the leader so long as he has the resources. A Tradesman - lower-middle class - in a party of Serfs - lower-lower class - is most certainly going to be the leader, and the one the others in the group are going to call on for various purposes.

Another thing to note is that AM is not what you'd called balanced; not as a game would be. Magi have their role, companions have their role, and grogs have their role. Each plays a part, and at times even the scullery maid can be an important part.

I suspect Gary wasn't thinking exactly of Ars Magica when he designed the various Vocations - or even the idea of the vocation, but I can still see the AM influence there in that each character in a session has an important part to play.

My advice is, don't fret about being original. What really matters is how you handle a matter and you have the right to handle a matter in your own way.
"Jonathan Tweet the RPG designer and writer of Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition, Over the Edge, Ars Magica and 13th Age sits down with Literate Gamer to talk about making Dungeons & Dragons fun again and other highlights in his long, and continuing, career- including his theoretical contributions to the creation of Unknown Armies."

Nice interview covering lots of material.


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The problem with charities is that the assume that you are simply incapable of learning how to handle matters yourself.
+John Stossel: By pursuing profit honestly, entrepreneurs do much more for the world than charities do.

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Don't holograms have to be projected into a three dimensional medium?
Be amazed at the end of reading this,when sharing will become your responsibility as a reader <3

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Bradford actually has some good points in this post, but I would add an addenda to number 1: Let yourself go overboard if you feel like it, but never let the players tell you you can't. And above all let it be interesting and let them be interested.

And another thing. Just because Mr. Important doesn't want to play in character doesn't mean you can't play in character. He has to stomp off in a fit of rage that means the other players don't have to put up with his shit.
Making a Campaign For Gamers: The Setting
It is clear now that what a fictional setting requires to make it suitable for storytelling is not what makes it suitable for gaming. Often those requirements are in conflict, as we see when a fictional setting created for one purpose (e.g. Forgotten Realms...

I have come to the conclusion that code trolls need to go back to the nursery under adult supervision, and that they don't get released until they can show that they are capable of understanding that not everybody knows what they know and that others do legitimately need instruction in what they think is instinctual.

This especially applies to those who work with TinyMCE and WordPress.

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Is it the matter that they are stupid, or that we insist they be stupid?

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Would make it easier to take your laptop to the park.
Scientists have developed a way to wirelessly deliver electricity to moving objects, technology that could one day charge electric vehicles and personal devices like medical implants and cell phones. Source: Wireless charging of moving electric vehicles…
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