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Looks interesting.

I know that people have used a spreadsheet app to create a character sheet and I'd like to know how. I've had a look at tutorials, but they are missing a few things. I think you can do more with functions etc, but apparently those things are supposed to be a deep dark secret not to be divulged to plebes like me.

What I'd like to do is to first set a randbetween function where the number "rolled" sets a certain value---say the social class of the character----and that value then determines what occupations are available to the PC. Can anybody help?

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You knew you have gut feelings.

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Isn't dressing a baby in an ape costume going a bit too far?

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Sick of the slime? This may make yours a better day.

I need to create a PDF with fillable fields and I have discovered that it's actually easier to do this first in Word and then convert the document into PDF. However, I'm really not clear on how to do the conversion. Can anybody help?

If code is poetry then why is so much of it doggerel?

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Trump may very well be considered our best president some day because he has done more to get us off our butts than any other prior to him.
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