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Share Your World  - 
New series; this one on Aerth history
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Alan Kellogg

Share Your World  - 
The series comes to an end. Now on to a new series.
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Alan Kellogg

Discussion  - 
Have you ever wondered just how rampant melanoma is on Athas?
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Pretty sure the setting is so deadly that most folks die from something else way before they ever get old enough to develop cancer.
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Alan Kellogg

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This is an example of just how lazy regulators are, they'd rather spend millions dictating what the majority do, then thousands going after the maleficent few.
Pointless economic regulation cripples innovation and speeds the growth of big government.
Pointless economic regulation cripples innovation and speeds the growth of big government.
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Alan Kellogg

Share Your World  - 
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Alan Kellogg

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I like this, I'm going to be adding this to Mythus.
My players aren't getting it.
Every session I try to explain to them how to make bonds that will resolve in a session or two. But most of them still have a lot of the original bonds they started with.

This is after 8 or so sessions. A couple of them are 3-4th level. This means they rarely miss rolls anymore. So really their best opportunity for experience points is their bonds.

I know - I need to drive play more towards their bonds; and create situations that are almost "kick in the face" related to their bonds.

But... I'd also like to provide them a compendium of bonds that they can choose from or be inspired by.

Can anybody think of a list I can print out - one huge document?

The attached link is a cool tool and I'm going to try it with my group.

But if there isn't a huge list of bonds anywhere... I may just have to create it and ask everyone here to add to it.

Would others find that useful? Would I be recreating the wheel?
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Alan Kellogg

Member Blog Updates  - 
It's done. The next in the series will be on the species available for Heroic Personae.
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Alan Kellogg

Blog Updates  - 

The middle class are done. Now to do the upper class, plus a look at literacy according to class and available Vocations by class
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Alan Kellogg

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Have you ever noticed how in the current My Little Pony the ponies are down to earth, the unicorns are air heads, and the pegusi are lofty?
If you want to be a pretty princess, be a pretty princess. Or a smart princess. Or a strong princess. Or a pretty prince. Or a pretty pony. 

You choose. 

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Alan Kellogg

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Me? I...

1. Updated a post (just have middle class and upper class descriptions to do)
2. Added a new post in the AErth Physics series
3. Asked a plugin designer (Word Press) to add some features,  because I like the plugin and what it does.

In short, I'm being productive. I like being productive.
Three good things today:
1. Worked on programming for Big Bad Con
2. Worked on adventure for publishing
3. Singing along with 80s songs
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Alan Kellogg

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Your toes are doomed.
Turkish Angora Kitty.🇹🇷😻

The Turkish Angora (Turkish: Ankara kedisi, 'Ankara cat') is a breed of domestic cat. Turkish Angoras are one of the ancient, natural breeds of cat, having originated in central Turkey, in the Ankara region (historically known as Angora.) The breed has been documented as early as the 1600s and is believed to be the origin of the mutations for both the coloration white[citation needed] (the dominant white gene is in truth the absence of color) and long hair. The breed is also sometimes referred to as simply the Angora or Ankara cat.😼

#Animalsdiscussion #Animallandscapeanimations #Animalscuteanimals #Animalsanimals
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Alan Kellogg

Discussion  - 
There's never nothing going on.
Are Your City Adventures Boring?
I strongly disagree with the series of posts on Cities that Courtney Campbell wrote.
I highly recommend the series of posts about Urbancrawls that Justin Alexander wrote.
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+Jeffrey McArthur
Likely because there were never any fussy rules or the constraints on imagination, implementation, or play we see in today's RPGs.
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