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Have fun.
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Alan Kellogg

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In good news I slept for hours today without my bladder bitching at me. The lower Prozac dose has something to do with it.
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Alan Kellogg

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It's 10:40 at night, I have only my briefs on, I'm sweating. It's hot, it's humid, we may have a super el nino coming up. I'm sleeping sky clad tonight.

Clothing styles are going to change.
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Alan Kellogg

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Narration: Describing what happened.

Reporting: Describing what is happening.
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Alan Kellogg

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Today Satan announced he's going to be a little too busy driving Donald Trump and Trump's adherents insane to have any time to prepare for the end of the world.

Besides, as the Devil noted, destroying the world would mean giving up the entertainment provided by reality shows and CNN news.
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+Alan Kellogg You are going to be in for a surprise here soon then aren't you my friend. I will shoot a prayer your way. You are wrong however, Lucifer does intend to destroy this world, a crafty entity he is just using us to do it.

Then he will kill all who refuses to accept his way, a new simulated reality where you are 100 percent subservient on the State. We are already almost there aren't we ever hear of GMO's?

Soon our food will not be replaced as well its already begun. Everything we were given by our creator will be taken, as we have chosen to give Lucifer the keys to our reality, in order to live forever and be lazy.

If you asked people 100 years ago if they could envision a world where no one was self sufficient and every replaced nature with reality television they would say laugh and say not possible, well unless Satan himself was responsible, they were religions, but not us... We are all just like you and know it all....
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Alan Kellogg

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There's two problems here.

One has to do with the available space combined with designer expectations.

The second has to do with the target audience, and teenaged boys are impulsive fellows prone to over excitement. It's a long road from puberty to maturity, and a lot of changes in the adolescent brain occur.
Great read on how we need more options besides violence as a primary, exclusionary mechanic in games.
A few days ago, I reblogged a post that had been circulating Tumblr on the centrality of combat in video games. I’ll link it here, but the gist of the post is a single rhetorical question: isn’t it...
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It is a feedback loop.  The zeitgeist informs the design and the design is part of the next iteration zeitgeist.  When a more martial generation was needed, the media was tasked with creating that mindset, and the boys (and some girls) went off to war and their children were encouraged to play games which saw their role models in a strong positive light, but another segment was shown the non-violent path as an intercession to try and diffuse that propaganda (I'm hawkish, BTW, just laying it down).  Then after the gentler path reached its peak appeal, the violent games were released for the next generation and the cash-cycle went round again in time for the next war cycle which is synchronised with it, but intentionally out of phase.  Neither the buyers/players nor the troops are to blame, just cultural benchmarks in the unfurling timeline.

That said, I always prefer a clever player or group out-thinking the obvious confrontation scenario.  :D
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Alan Kellogg

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It's coming together.
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Alan Kellogg

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It is long, it is useful. Read carefully and follow the links.
Magic systems vary from colorful bears with tummy badges to ritual blood sacrifices. Magic isn’t real, so it can be anything we want. But that doesn’t mean all magic systems work equally well for stories. ...
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ron d
IIRC in the avatar series there is an explanation as to why the separation into different elements exists. I think it's the one in which Aang meets the giant turtle thing.

Anyways. A magic system also effects how (and if) technology exists.

Why invent engines or gunpowder if magic exists ?
answer : magic is limited or unreliable.

It also is the reason why the society is shaped like it is.
Are mages feared or respected ?
Are they the ruling class ?
And if they aren't then what is stopping them ?

The rules/guidelines for magic also apply to the superhero genre for obvious reasons.

And finally remember :
"advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
ie : any futuristic setting with technology will have to follow similar rules and guidelines.
Cybernetics are one of those disruptive technologies that will make or break a setting depending on how rational their use is.
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Alan Kellogg

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Code punk: A literary movement covering computer software, and the societal reaction against sloppy coding and the pathological reluctance to correct mistakes. Defining stories include; Ms. Takes, Is That What You Meant?, and How Long Would a Wizard Live?.

Just an idea, really, and aint it about time such a movement started?
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Alan Kellogg

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On Encounters

Who do you meet?
Where do you meet them?
What is their attitude?
What is their nature?
What are they pursuing?
How do they see you?
How do you see them?
Do you have something they want?
Do they have something you want?
Is negotiation an option?
How broke are you?
How broke are they?
How black and white is the world?

There are likely more.
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Where did you wake up today?
When did you wake up today?
Did you oversleep?
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Alan Kellogg

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Back to the project.
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Alan Kellogg

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For the life of me I can not find any information of the dragons of Oriental Adventures (any edition) on the web. I especially need the names. Can you help?
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Not the usual reaction to gryphon halitosis. :)
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