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Alan Kellogg

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I have hope.
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Alan Kellogg

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I get to re post a few posts and wikis because now I've finally got my domain name transferred to a new host. But, they have an older version of the blog on their server so I get to re do them.

I could really use a MacBook.
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Alan Kellogg

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What about role playing games? Aren't filks written about them?
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Carla Ulrich's "Ragnarok".
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Alan Kellogg

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But not all were pleased at the consequences.
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Alan Kellogg

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According to legend you are able to install additional TinyMCE plugins into the TinyMCE installation in WordPress; note that I am talking about TinyMCE plugins, not WordPress plugins.

However, it does appear that learning how to do this involves some sort of strange ritual I can't make hide or hair of. I know where the plugins go, but not the JS needed to get a plugin to run. Could somebody help me here?
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There are a number of such plugins, but none of them include all of the available TinyMCE plugins.
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Alan Kellogg

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When railroading is a good thing.
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Alan Kellogg

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Here are some thoughts on time travel:

You can't change the past. When you go back into your past and change an event you are now in a different timeline.

You can't go back to your future. Your future won't happen now. Now you are in a different timeline. Besides, the future hasn't happen yet, when you are now is now your present.

Hope you dress warm, you have survival skills, and if writing is available in your new home, that you write well.
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That is one theory. The other is that the past and future are immutable and if you go back into the past you have either already done so and cannot change the future, or that you are the perfect observer, able to view any event without changing its outcome. 
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Alan Kellogg

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The Arvixe web hosting people have no idea of why customer service is so important; especially when you have competent competition. They've let themselves get overwhelmed and they need to fire the incompetents and callous and put in people who are capable of dealing with people.

Until they do; boycott Arvixe.
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Alan Kellogg

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Anaheim CA is conservative.

San Diego CA is greedy.
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Alan Kellogg

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Are you sick of your treatment by Arvixe? Join us.
Boycott Arvixe
You don't need them
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Alan Kellogg

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The door leads where?
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