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How to Tackle Rain Scald
The early stages of Rain Scald Horses enjoy spending time in the field - being turned out for much of the time is undoubtedly good for their spirits, but it can also cause problems, particularly in wet weather during Autumn and Winter. A particularly unplea...

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Ride Your Horse's Inner Dancer with Simon Cocozza
Visconte Simon Cocozza is renowned in the equine world for his work
in connecting the horse's unique posture and self-carriage with
traditional human training methods such as Yoga and dance. The aim is to
improve the horse's core strength and flexibility...

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Healing after the Loss of a Horse
Crossing the "Rainbow Bridge" For most of us who have horses in our lives, there is a special bond unlike no other. While those who have never given their heart to a horse may seem them as livestock, to a horse-lover your equine companion is as close as a f...

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Pony Club Mount - The Twilight Years
By their very nature – trustworthy, patient, calm and safe –
most Pony Club ponies and horses are mature; late teens to early 20s (there are
even some still working the Club at the age of 30!). A Pony Club mount is very special. He’s probably had multiple...

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Teething Troubles
The teeth of a horse have been specially designed by nature to
allow for continual pastoral grazing – the front incisors shear off the forage,
while the wide, flat molars in the cheeks grind it up into a mash ready for
swallowing. The teeth are continually ...

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Brush up your First Aid skills
Do you know the normal temperature of a horse, or how to read his pulse rate? Part of being a responsible horse owner is to be aware of basic equine first aid - from treating minor wounds to identifying serious problems and dealing with them while awaiting ...

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PREVIEW: Nunney International Horse Trials 2017
The fences are up at Nunney! The fences are up, the prize money is in the
pot and it’s all systems go for this year’s Nunney International Horse Trials – a superb Somerset event we here in the west country look forward to
immensely. Nunney International Hor...

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Getting Plaits Down Pat
Perhaps the biggest challenge that causes stress at horse shows and competitions is achieving perfect plaits. It's a fiddly business that takes time and patience - two things that are often in short supply just before a big event or show! A well-plaited man...

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Horse at the hitching post!
Next to your partner-to-be (or maybe before him/her!) your horse is your best buddy, right? Therefore it makes sense that when it comes time for tying the knot your equine companion should be guest of honour, sharing in your joyous day. Believe it or not ha...

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The Trot Up to Badminton
In just a few days time the placid parklands covering six square kilometres around the beautiful Badminton House in south Gloucestershire will be transformed into a temporary equestrian town, flooded with around 160,000 people - and of course more than a hu...
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