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C Michael Belle
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Operatic Tenor

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Ready for opening night! Opera Parallele's Heart of Darkness!!

That moment when you notice yourself doing something that annoys you when you see your toddler doing the same, and you no longer wonder where she picked up the habit. 

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Blog post #2 from my wife

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Shameless plug of my wife's writing. About us. :)

"Don't trust me; I'm very emotive"

-Conductor, jokingly, on cuing us for a difficult entrance.

Look, when I had to go back on stage, the US was down 1 nil. I'll take the tie. #worldcup

No, it was NOT in the books, and I couldn't be happier! It was freaking AWESOME! #gameofthrones

I have a new all-time favorite moment of autocorrect, courtesy of Twitter's #Belmontstakes :

In 1973, @sectarian violence took the triple crown...
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