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On why we fail at DevOps
Seeing that devops practice does not really seems to be taking off in my present workplace, I decided to decode the underpinnings of the concept and try to interpret what is perhaps not going in the desired direction and more importantly, what is required t...

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JRebel alternatives for SAP Hybris
Developers hoping to accelerate their Hybris debugging time while
skipping the time consuming steps of ant clean all - server start and
then debugging can do so with DCEVM and change code on the fly basis and
view it on the browser without having to rest...

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Microservices as a Product
Now that the year is wrapping to an end, use of microservice architecture continue on the rise. However, people are often confused in understanding the use and more importantly, rational behind creation of these services which are not to be confused with AP...

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Migrating Hybris with Ease
Running Hybris On Oracle - and deriving advantages of its data backup/recovery mechanism. During a common course of Hybris implementation, at times changes made (intentionally or otherwise) in the schema/data can adversely affect the development environment...

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Revving up Raspberry PI
During the past weekend, I've embarked towards setting up a raspberry pi for my computing needs. While setting up an angular based e-commerce store that utilizes SAP Hybris YAAS (which is finally getting matured), I encountered couple of interesting things ...

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Containerization by Docker
Docker is a tool that I am getting my hands dirty with these days and instead of going after an entire process of creating a VirtualBox VM and running some lightweight Linux installation, I can simply use Docker to have a command line that behaves just like...

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Marching towards Microservices
To say that microservices have arrived would be the understatement of the year 2015 when most of the enterprise application creators seem to have realized the importance of keeping individual parts of application separately. There is nothing new when it com...

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Hi there! Sumit B. has invited you to play Brothers in Arms 3!

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On JavaScript generating engines
Javascript has become so pervasive today that there are camps which are trying to fight the syntactical challenges that it posts in order to leverage the benefits of the approach and the platforms using it i.e. making the browser (be it computer or mobile) ...

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True Omni-Commerce with IoT
The changing face of e-commerce means that successfully buying a product is more than just a few clicks away. Today, with the widespread influx of communicative devices and advertisements, the customer is constantly bombarded with advertisements of interest...
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