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Gregg Levine
Computer programmer, hardware designer Timelord and Jedi Knight
Computer programmer, hardware designer Timelord and Jedi Knight

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Name:Doctor Who
Nickname:Jack Smith
Species:Gallifreyan Male
Time Period:Late Middle period of the Planet
Comes From (Birthplace):Gallifrey
Job/Occupation: Saving the galaxy for time and before tea time.
Birth date:unknown

Appearance/Pic:(See Google Plus picture.)
Hair Brown and curly
Skin Typical human/Gallifreyan skin.
Build middle aged human
Typical Clothes Edwardian

Personality: Bitingly Acerbic and sarcastic.
Likes:tea and crumpets
Dislikes: Problematic humans
Greatest Possession: Sonic screwdriver.
Weapons: his wits.
Friends: TARDIS and his many cats. And speaking of which there is a very well represented community of them in the TARDIS.

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I might be a fan and supporter of these amazing cats, but I want to limit contact with them by people. Besides that cub isn't a happy cat......

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We know the tiger was misled and so are you.

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Folks in the US, please help out. They need more signatures.

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Now everyone here in the US please sign.

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How many folks who either know me or are family, or otherwise involved can do that? Sorry folks US ones only.

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Not again! Please everyone who sees this in the US, please sign and add your own comments.

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Interesting concept.....

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Now we need to get other schools involved. Including many in NYC.....
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