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No Rest for the Wicked
A Warhammer 40,000 LARP about swashbuckling rogues and adventurous pioneers.
A Warhammer 40,000 LARP about swashbuckling rogues and adventurous pioneers.

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Good afternoon all,

Please see the below link to the list of loot recovered from the Pilgrim.


Good evening folks,

As a heads up, downtimes have now opened and will remain open until midnight upon the 14th of July when they will close for processing.

There are two things to be aware of for this cycle.

Firstly this is the last cycle in which you will be able to sell trade goods. The cycles sat at/around Hera will be subject to a different set of rules which I shall leave that ST team to elaborate upon.

Secondly, as we are drawing into our final two games, there will be no scope for you to spend all of your XP as you acquire it. As such we have elected to award you the last three games worth of XP now. As such if you attended The Pilgrim’s Lament and have booked to crew/play Hera 1 (and intend to play Hera 2) you have 18 XP to spend.

As ever if you would like to volunteer to do some downtime writing it is most appreciated.


[The Pilgrim’s Lament – Epilogue]

The Hyperion Proxy was a tomb.

Devoid of the malign intelligence that had sat at its core for millennia, critical systems had simply ceased to function. Its reactors had cooled, its sensors had gone dark and in response mechanical security protocols had sealed the vessel. Not that this had proved an impediment to the delegation from the Iron Star Consortium…

They had come like a funeral procession, shuffling towards the command deck of the Hyperion Proxy, burdened by their solemn cargo. But it was not a body that they carried down into the chill darkness of the Proxy. This was no casket containing the bones of one of the honoured dead, gone now to glory. But rather, a nova class fusion device, set and primed to tear the heart out of the Pilgrim at the appointed time.

The Hyperion Proxy was a marvel of an age long passed, a monument both to the technological brilliance of the Iron Star Empire and to its sins. But there would be no looting here, no grand reclamation of technology and secrets best left undisturbed. For the Hyperion Proxy had wounded those of the Iron Star Consortium and so that could not stand. It could not be allowed to stand. So they had come, down into the dark, bearing death to come and rest here in this tomb.

A light shone in the darkness, long after the footsteps and the noises of life had long receded. The blue glow, not the soulless light of abominable intelligence at work, but the grim inevitability of a countdown…

Without the sinister voice that had plagued the wires for so long, systems across the Pilgrim could be accessed with relative ease and thus would the death of the Hyperion Proxy be twofold. Engines, firing on a protracted burn cycle had angled its bulk towards a sun. A course calculated and timed to ensure that the detonation of the nova grade munition occurred shortly after the Pilgrim had crossed into the coronal horizon. Simply, the nova bomb would rip the heart out of the Pilgrim by destroying the Hyperion Proxy and the sun would draw in the mass of the Pilgrim as it sundered and burned from within, ensuring that it would never again trouble the Imperium of Man.


Those of the Emperor’s Embers who had been fortunate enough to survive the waves of xenos and mutants unleashed upon them by the arrival of the Iron Star Consortium looked to their leaders, Riggs and Clench to guide them. Thus, through all the darkness and horror. Through the radiation, the forces of the Archenemy and the tides of the warp, was there an exodus. The crippled, the wounded and the able bodied alike were received by the ships of the Iron Star Consortium, ready to convey them to an Imperium they had heard about only in legend and thought that they would never come to see with their own eyes.


The boyz of Clan Blood Axe, under the valiant Dash Grabba, used the supplies they had garnered from their dealings with the Iron Star Consortium to affect repairs to their vessel. Safe in the knowledge that the hated Gorgut had been dispatched by the pink skins they had tipped off with regard to his location. Grabba and his boyz were able to break free of the bulk of the Pilgrim, setting their course for Imperial space, the chorus of threats and pleas from their own kind drowned out by the Blood Axe’s lengthy rendition of the Ork classic “ERE WE GO” as they basked in the satisfaction of a job well done.

Grabba and his boyz had an appointment with Arkangel and as they were Orks of their word, they certainly planned to keep it…


The death of the Warboss Gorgut was the beginning of the end for the nascent WAAAGH! Goregut The visions of glory and conquest that had graced the dreams of the hulking brute Goregut would not come to pass. He would make no war upon the Imperium of Man, indeed with the death of their leader, the boyz of WAAGH! Goregut turned upon themselves. Their mighty vessel, the Tusk of Malice becoming the sight of one of the most protracted and vicious riots it had ever seen.

The boyz of WAAGH! Goregut cursed the name of their warboss as surely as the cursed the runt Dash Grabba as he and the Blood Axe boyz made good upon their escape, leaving the other Orks to burn…


The outcast community of those the Embers had driven from their midst for the crime of carrying the stigma of mutation or psyker power had worked long and hard to evade the voice on the wires. Working around its system shunts and its creeping control in order to draw upon power and life support to ensure the survival of their community.

Some would escape perhaps, rescued by the kind or misguided amongst the Iron Star Consortium…

…But for the most part their efforts had proved in vain, they would burn as surely as the rest.

Across the bulk of the Pilgrim, those with access to enough functional sensor arrays to know of their oncoming doom did all they could to escape it. The disparate human communities, Imperial, Archenemy and freeborn alike fought among themselves to cobble together rudimentary escape pods and shuttles.

Some were fought and killed for, some drew lots and others held races and games to determine who would have the honour of places aboard these craft.

Some made it free, perhaps finding rescue in shipping lanes or coming to the attention of naval patrols and the like. But for most it was simply a trade, one form of death for another. An instant of brilliant light, annihilation in the heart of a star made manifest by the technological artifice of man swapped for the slow horror of starvation or trying to breathe their last on nothingness when the fuel and life support ran dry.


Down in the dark of the Hyperion Proxy, the count grew low, the bulk of the Pilgrim glided towards the roaring mass of the sun it had been pointed towards…

There was a moment then.

A flash of light, unseen, buried as it was deep within the bulk of the Pilgrim, but only for a moment. Cracks, cracks filled with light, spread across the surface of the Pilgrim as the nova bomb detonated. The caged fury of a the death of a star ripping its way through the mass of rock and mal-joined hulls that composed the mass of the Pilgrim. Reactors, engine cores, dormant munitions and exotic xenos components of various descriptions added to this moment of incandescent fury as the Pilgrim tore itself asunder from within, becoming like unto an entire asteroid belt all of its own before the irresistible pull of the sun took hold and began to draw the wrecks into its fiery depths.

Their grim task done, the ships of the Iron Star Consortium set sail once more. The Hyperion Proxy had escaped, its ascension protocol saving it from the terminal damage that had been wrought upon its hard systems. But its flight had been obvious even if those of the Iron Star Consortium had not recovered the engram processor they required.

It had gone to the place of its birth. To the system it had been created to guard. To the heart of the empire it had fought so long ago to expand.

It had gone to Hera, the heart of the Iron Star Empire...

...The Iron Star Consortium made course to follow.

...Vengeance came with them.


Torn free by the titanic forces of the explosion, its signature masked by a combination of the intense radiative disruption generated by the death of the Pilgrim and its relatively primitive design, a ship hurtled off into the darkness unnoticed…

The Clementine Sketch would be called to port again…

…And the Suits That Wear Men would always answer. 

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Firstly, rejoice one and all that I have access to the account! I control the horizontal! I control the vertical! It only took @Yoda explaining to me in small words what I should be doing for this to be the case!

So, for those of you who haven't guessed, this is James speaking. Since my last post, we've had some good conversations going on in the Facebook community, with really good constructive ideas being thrown around - and some snippets of what we're thinking thrown into the mix.

If you haven't already, it's worth a mosey on over - We've got posts about combat, about consumables, how we see skills working, the title replacement system, and a general overview of Season 2 (Including a piece of Xenos races).

Hereforth I'm going to try to copy into G+ everythign I post there, so don't worry if Facebook isn't your bag!

On behalf of the S2 refs.

[Tickets for the Pilgrim’s Lament]

Good morning folks,

As stated on both the booking form, and the email that was sent on the 3rd of February, all player remainders for deposit tickets are due by midnight tonight.

The access code needed to arrange purchase is tpl-player-remainder

If you are reading this post and have not yet paid your remainder on the system please be aware that if payment is not arranged by midnight tonight, you are likely to lose both your deposit and your place at the event.

If you are unable to pay by midnight tonight, please contact the No Rest for the Wicked storytelling team to discuss matters and see if delayed payment can be arranged.

Failure to either contact the No Rest for the Wicked storytelling team or pay the outstanding amount will result in your deposit and place being lost except in extreme circumstances.

Thank you.


Good evening all,

During all the work and excitement surrounding the first release of material for Inquisition Chronicles I completely failed to announce that a Lead Storyteller had been selected for Season 2 of No Rest for the Wicked.

So, with my deepest apologies for the delay, I would like to announce to you all that James Moody has stepped forward to take up this role. I am certain that he will soon have announcements of his own to make as he settles into the work of developing a system and setting for Season 2.

-Rob Collins 

Good evening all,

As part of my transition into the position of lead ST for No Rest For the Wicked I have been looking at a number of the outstanding queries in our inbox. The most major of these being the player contract with regard to loot distribution as this seems to tie into the majority of our outstanding queries.

Obviously this is a wide ranging and complex issue and so I have spent some time looking into this. During this time I have noted that a situation that is detrimental to overall player enjoyment has arisen. While there is meant to be an element of competition and PvP inherent to No Rest For The Wicked, the current state of play is not what was intended by the ST team.

The main symptom of this issue is the pocketing of loot. To be clear, pocketing loot is always something that has happened and it is something that will continue to happen and ultimately there is no issue with that. What there is an issue with however is the extent to which this is occurring. While we intend No Rest for The Wicked to have an element of competitive PvP with regard to competition for resources and loot, it has never been our intention that one player or indeed one group walks away with the vast majority of the loot from an event by dint of putting things in their pockets.

This is not what was intended and it is not healthy for the game.

In light of this I have elected to take the below solution.

In essence, this is a game and we need to remember that. As such, everyone who comes to an event should get an equal share of the loot. Obviously our IC situation with regard to the presence of non-Imperial personnel and those who are Imperial citizens but not for example on a Rogue Trader crew does make this a little more complex. However I feel that I must ask for a degree of OOC conceit from you as players in that anyone who wishes to join the Iron Star Consortium (which should at this point be all of you because it is how you get loot) is allowed to do so.

Now, with regard to this. Please do feel free to generate game. Throw an (IC) tantrum about it, quibble over the price. That sort of thing. But no one that wants to join should be barred from doing so. If there is an individual(s) who you feel absolutely should not be allowed to join for whatever reason, please bring this to the STs and we shall look into that for you.

Outstanding distribution of loot from previous events should also be distributed equally between those who were present at the event as there has been ample opportunity to verify your attendance by now.


>NRFTW is a competitive environment but should not be so competitive that people get screwed to the point they are not having fun.
>Anyone who turns up to an event should get an equal share of the loot taken at that event.
>Any outstanding loot distribution should occur in accordance with the above.
>A degree of pocketing loot is expected and fine.
>Excess pocketing of loot is not fine and will be clamped down upon.
>All characters should be allowed to become members of the Iron Star Consortium should they so wish.

I hope this is of help to you.


Lead Storyteller
No Rest For The Wicked

Good evening all,

I have a brief (but important) announcement to make regarding changes in the leadership structure at the top of the No Rest for the Wicked team.

Richard has after many games of hard work, a lot of stress and a few extra lost hairs decided that he wishes to concentrate on other projects (namely getting published) and that he wishes to step back from the position of Lead ST for No Rest for the Wicked.

Richard has over the last few years, provided me with some of the greatest storytelling collaboration of my career and has also become a close personal friend, leaving a positive mark on the game that will not be forgotten - I hope you will all take the time to thank him for his efforts and wish him all the best for the future.

Richard will be continuing as a Director of Conflict Resolutions (the company that legally runs these events) and will be continuing in a creative role with both the company and with No Rest.

Stepping into the forlorn hope of leadership is none other than than the 'Bad Boy' himself, Jamie Smith - who will be taking over as Lead Storyteller effective as of Thursday the 1st of December until the end of No Rest Season 1 (the event formerly known as Hera 2, now known as 'Where Angels Fear to Tread').

Jamie has plenty of experience in the area of running games, so I'm certain knows what he's getting himself into - and that you'll all welcome him appropriately.

Jamie has expressed a desire to continue his IC involvement and play at least one or two events out of the period he's supervising and we will be working with him to ensure that he can do so without spoilers and can enjoy the final arc of the game with his character - so please don't expect him to know everything about the metaplot (although he doesn't get off too easy, a bunch of it will fall to him).

Thanks for your time,
Robert Collins
Director, Conflict Resolution LARP

Good Morning One and All,

The ST Team and I hope that this finds you all well and not succumbing to the inevitable aches and pains of winter - or should that be we hope Papa Nurgle hasn't put his festive hat on and come visiting you all, as he seems to have visited most of us recently!

We have a couple of Season 1 announcements for you.

Firstly, continuing from our previous XP boost to new characters we are increasing this yet again and increasing the amount of starting 'equipment' along side this. We feel that with the end of the Season fast approaching the gap between brand new characters and those who are more longstanding can be redressed slightly more, so that our last few Season 1 games can be even more inclusive and involved for everyone, without taking away from those who have survived this long.

To that end:
All new characters start with a minimum of 30 XP, and any characters currently with less than 30 XP increase themselves to 30 XP

Any players who were at 'Humans Are Such Easy Prey' will still gain the 6 XP from that game, so should be on an effective minimum of 36 XP

All new characters brought into play at or since 'Humans Are Such Easy Prey' have the option for additional CP at character generation as follows:
You have 600 CP with no restrictions (as normal)

You have 1200 CP but cannot spend any of that CP on Ships, Ship Components, or anything to do with Ships

Players can purchase 'non-starting items' (i.e. those in italics on the equipment list) with CP in either case, but in all cases please run your CP spends past the ST team first so we can sense check these.

Secondly, the post-HASEP Downtime cycle dates. We're looking at taking advantage of the gap between games this time in trying out a slightly longer DT cycle so the dates will be as follows:
DT Cycle opens 21st November 2016
DT Cycle closes 13th January 2017
DT Responses will be out around the End of March

This gives us a window to respond to queries about responses and engage in a dialogue with any of you that need it in the month or so before the first event of 2017

Please be aware that this cycle is extended to take into account the festivities over the Yule and New Year period, and please don't expect responses to any queries between the 23rd of December and the 4th of January, because despite the name of our game, we're not quite 'that' wicked.

Thirdly, we are putting a minor change into how the call REVITALISE works.
The current wording of the call is as follows:

Revitalize X. This call restores X vitality hits to the target. In addition, when used on a character below zero body hits it also heals X body hits (restoring them to a maximum of zero) and stops any bleeding.

We are changing it to the following:

Revitalize X. This call restores X vitality hits to the target. In addition, when used on a character below zero body hits it also restores them to zero body and stops any bleeding.

We realise it's near the end of the season but considering the minor nature of the change we're happy that this shouldn't have too much of an impact, as the couple of consumables that use this call come with drawbacks, and there are only a few talents that make use of this.

We hope any of you that are going enjoy the upcoming player social event 'Gilded with Gold' on the 20th of November hosted and organised by Hazel King and Fraser Ramsey.

As ever drop us an email if you have any questions.

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Daring denizens of the deep,

It's only a few weeks until Humans Are Such Easy Prey, so we wanted to cover some OOC stuff while people are starting to get their gear together.

Firstly, the event is fully catered! Mhorish are catering the event for us again, and you can now purchase player catering tickets at Player and crew catering tickets will be available until the 9th of October at the very latest but please book before then if possible so we can get numbers to Mhorish.

Secondly and related, we're collating dietary and safety info for the event. This covers the usual remit of allergens, specific diets, medical conditions and so on. You can fill in the form here:

Thirdly, it's going to be cold and wet - it's Scotland in October. It's also going to be gunge-tastic. The site has drying rooms and showers, but make sure you bring spare kit to change into - we want people to be healthy, not shivering in a corner because they don't have dry clothes. Other useful items include waterproof socks, thermal underlayers, and a good pair of boots.

Think that about covers it for today.

Be seeing you,

The HASEP Team
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