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Make it YOUR space!

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Hey folks, just a quick heads up that Technocopia will be closed for the day this Sunday, 4/3 so that our staff can all go off to their respective Easter dinners.

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This Thursday at Open Hacks and Crafts night, Patrick Kenny (CPO Certified Prosthetist) is going to be bringing some truly awesome top-of-the-line robotic prosthetic hands. Come meet Patrick and check out the hands! Reminder: Open Hack and Crafts nights are every Thursday from 7:30-10!

Hey folks, once again we will be closed for the snowstorm on Monday. Hopefully we'll be back Tuesday!

Hey everybody, Technocopia will be closed once again today due to snowstorm Linus.  Stay safe and hold tight to your safety blankets, everyone!

The parking lot is shoveled out and we're back open today! Open Hack is tonight starting at 7:30, so come on down!

Technocopia will sadly be closed again today as we try and clear out the parking lot post-Snowmageddon 2015. Members, if any of you has a plow or a snow-blower and might be willing to help us out, please shoot us a message!

Our arms and our backs would be very, very grateful.

Hey folks, due to the incoming snowstorm, Technocopia will be closed for today (Monday, the 26th) and tomorrow (Tuesday the 27th). So long as we're able to shovel our way out, we'll be back up and running come Wednesday!

Stay safe and stay warm!

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For those who haven't seen it, the T&G wrote up an article on some exciting prospects for the future.

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Our shiny new desktop CNC mill takes its maiden voyage! It may be small, but it sure is powerful, as it can even mill through blocks of aluminum!

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Do you have trouble scheduling time to work on your creative projects? Do you ever wish you could bounce ideas and get feedback from other creative types? If so, you may be in luck! Starting this Thursday, Technocopia will be hosting open craft/ open hack nights! We'll be opening the space up to members and non-members alike from 7:30-10pm to come, hang out, and work on creative projects, whether it's painting or soldering, knitting or coding!
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