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Makenzie Mergard
Nineteen // Blogger // Baker // Candle-stick-maker??
Nineteen // Blogger // Baker // Candle-stick-maker??

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Hey! I've been revamping my blog (or trying to, at least; I'm rubbish at html) - but I do have some old recipes I'm really proud of! One of them is this vanilla bean and buttermilk ice cream. Tell me what you think? :) xx

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Soo...trying my best to revamp my blog! As it turns out, I'm rubbish at html coding, but we'll get there eventually. In the meantime, check out one of my favourite recipes so far: vanilla bean buttermilk ice cream! :)

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Yo, check out my new post! I'm trialling some new Paleo recipes, tell me what you think :)

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*PALEO Lamingtons!*
So you know that craze that's going around? The "Paleo" craze? No? Basically it's a new-fangled diet (or old  diet), which is based upon the supposed foods which palaeolithic humans ate thousands of years ago. It's a diet free of grains (i.e. wh...

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// Camembert and Sour Cherry Pastries //
I just used natural outside lighting because I'm slightly lazy, and I edited some of the levels in Adobe Camera Raw.
Apologies for the watermark, just ignore it. 

Post has attachment HAPPY NEW YEAR I HAVE A BLOG POST! I don't care if I'm, like, three weeks late or anything... :)

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Camembert and Sour Cherry Pastries
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Okay, so I know that I'm almost three weeks late. But I've just been so busy  keeping my New Year's's times like these I think I need a sarcasm font Considering one of my goals was to blog more, maybe you can tell that I'm...

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New post? 
Perfect for Summer haha :)

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Vanilla Bean Buttermilk Ice Cream
Summer. Normally, I would utter that word with disgust. Honestly, Australian summer (when you don't own air conditioning or  a pool) sucks so much - it's perpetually muggy, there are kookaburras at four in the morning and many, many mosquitoes. Actually, ch...
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