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Vikramaditya Veergatha
Okay, first thing first. I am a voracious reader and NEVER wrote anything close to a review. This on is NOT a review. So Author Shatrujeet Nath, you need a wiki page. STAT! As you all know, I had a baby. So my reading in past two years was limited to Jeff A...

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A Mother Lives and Dies With her Child
I was doing pretty good for myself before becoming a member of the SHAM club. And choosing to become a mother exclusively is the top marks decision I ever made. I married a Geek and Movie buff. When people asked, early on, if we had a love or arranged marri...

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Steamed Rice Cake - Bhapot Diya Pitha
one steamed pitha, improvised to make in any place, for the Assamese
Bihu Spirit !! Ingredients: Of all things, you need something called
Idly Stand.Or Steam it as you like.  1.        Rice Flour – 1 Cup 2.        Grated Coconut – ½ Cup 3.        Su...

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Til diya Mangxo - Chicken / Duck / Pork / Goat Meat cooked in Sesame
This one is for my darling sister who has
no access to anything Assamese and to a dear friend of mine, who actually made
sure I update this one right now, middle of the festive chaos!!! Of course all
my readers hope you like it. Ingredients:    Meat – 500 g...

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Haanh aaru Maah - Duck in Lentil
Haanh and Maah features in many a form in Assam. But the black lentil ( gota maati maah) is the king of taste and never fails to satisfy the taste buds or occasin. Ingredients: 1. Duck Meat - 1 Kg Chopped, I prefer small pieces, you pick yours.  2. Black Le...

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One More Green and Fish - Bor Manimuni Maasor Jhol
Ah Assam!! Seems we can eat green leafy vegitable and fish in infinite way. They seem to be mixed in so many ways, some times feels like repeat. But trust me they taste absolutely different and amazing in all versions.  Mousumi Gogoi of Facebook did most of...

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Nangol Dhuwa Pitha / Tora Pitha - Steamed Rice Cakes
First of all, thank you Rupam Kowar from FB :  The original photo is his.  I have been pondering over two things. Assam has 6 seasons ! And we Assamese know how to celebrate each moment with specific f...

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The automated machine wanted me to share it !!!

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Xewali Phool Masor Khaar - Night Flowering Jesmin and Fish Curry/Gravy !
Some times I feel we Assamese seem to be eating whatever grows on earth! And we are extremely creative. In this season, I found one very apt recipie. I love this one, for it's simplicity and ability to cook is ASAP. So here we go. This line I added after fi...
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