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By the way: Google+ won't be remotely plausible as a "replacement for blogging" as long as you can only include one link per post. Even Twitter does better than that.

EDITED TO ADD: Well, actually, you can include as many links in the form as you want -- see? -- -- and more -- -- but only the first one will automatically spawn the little box under the post, showing the actual title (and first few lines) of the document being linked to. The rest of your links will work, but they'll look like alphanumeric barf inside your text, as above.
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Yep, that is not very useful. <a href etc. does not work.
send feedback in the lower right hand corner.
Is it really intended as a replacement for blogging? I don't see it as such.
Truth be told, I think I prefer the alphanumeric barf as the "description" for Nobody Understands Emo Kitten is pretty bizarre. I just did a quick search and the description in Google search results for the Emo Kitten page makes a lot more sense than the above.
I agree with Hal - I don't see it as a replacement for blogging bit as a better community communications tool.
I see G+ as a replacement for facebook, not for blogging. Haven't killed my facebook account yet, though. but I might pare it down to just the family stuff.
I don't think Google wants G+ to replace that would compete with their Blogger tool (Soon to be renamed Google Blogs). Though I suspect at some point they will allow you to syndicate your Google Blog (and perhaps other blogging platforms) through G+, similarly to how Facebook allows you to syndicate a blog through their Notes application.
I agree, Beth. I look at my Facebook account in dispair. I am hoping to lure family members over here and just ditch FB.
if they do that with Blogger, I'll start using that and syndicate the feed to my Live Journal. Google really is taking over the world...
You can put your FB stream into G+ now with a plugin from crossrider. Works great!
And post to FB from G+ as well with the same plugin.
I don't quite understand why I'd want a "replacement for blogging" anyway. My blog can have any layout I want, with custom graphics, colors, and functions, and I have control of the coding and content--or at least I can choose a host that will give me control, which is most certainly not Google.
Wow, this "replacement for blogging" thing got out of hand. I had just seen a spate of articles about Google+ which touted it as such. I'm not suggesting that it's sensible to consider replacing a perfectly good blog with G+.

What I really wanted to suggest is that it would be nice if one could use at least as much inline HTML as is permitted in, for instance, the comment section of a WordPress or Movable Type blog. Which is to say, simple inline linking and blockquoting, but no scripts, CSS, include statements, orbiting laser satellites, etc.
Agreed. There's always tinyurl, but who wants to bother with that in the middle of a posting?
It seems like at the very least they could implement some sort of text+link embedding so that you didn't have to just paste the exposed URL. I can understand avoiding HTML embedding; a lot of people understand it but the general random user probably does not.
I think the inherent hubris of Google+ "replacing blogging" is what horrified us into concentrating more on that than the rest of what you said. XD Oops! I agree it would be nice to have the ability to create a link without the entire URL. Sometimes you just want to Rickroll someone, you know?
The Rickroll factor could be easily subverted by simply popping the full URL in a tooltip when hovering the link.
I actually see G+ more as a replacement for Tumblr than Facebook.
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