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I just finished a new song!

This is a new sound for me, so let me know what you think. I'm still not really sure if it feels done, but I don't know where else to go with it :-)

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New blog post!
Whether you're #iceclimbing, #rockclimbing, or just recreating in the cold weather, this should have some tips to keep you comfortable:

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Check out my post about online reviews over on the +At Peace Media blog:

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An interview I did with +Michael Reynolds, CEO of +SpinWeb. If you have any interest in #socialmedia , #marketing , #customerservice , #associationmanagement , or any combination of those things, check it out!

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What questions do you have about money and finances in your #massage  or #bodywork   practice?

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ABMP is on G+! We'd love to connect with you.

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New blog post on #climbing  myths!

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A long, long overdue blog post about our trip to #Yosemite!

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Did you know that there are hidden Chat emoticons?

Currently all the rage in Google+ Chat is ~=[,,_,,]:3 , (the Nyan Cat... ) but there are others just as fun, like this mustache :{ (#movember anyone?)

And oh, there are more:
:3 (cat)
:(:) (pig)
:(|) (monkey)
V.v.V (crab)
+/'\ (cowbell)
[:|] (robot)
}:-) (devil)
\m/ (rock out)
<3 (heart)
</3 (broken heart)
>.< (wince)
:-x or :* (kiss)

Disclaimer: some emoticons work in all Chat clients, but some work in Google+/iGoogle/orkut only or Gmail only.

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Are these things random? This just came up for me in a captcha:
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