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Share together, right now, over G(+).

This is stupid, clever and most likely done many times before.

I like it. You should share it.

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Take 18 minutes and learn something from a man who has seen more than you, cares more than you, and has dedicated over 80 years of his life to trying to do something that matters.

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Google gets the bowling shoes and Flicker is just wrong. Twitter would sell. And I actually like the the grey and white wiki pair. I can't like the Facebook kicks.

Here are 250 Google people. Obviously, Google has more than 250 people... but you can't share more than 250 a hit.

edit: Limit now increased to 500.

Brian Doherty shared a circle with you.

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For those in the EU.
"Facebook members in Europe, listen up: European Union and Irish data-protection laws mean you have the right to get a copy of all the personal data Facebook has on you -- not just the data you uploaded but everything. The laws apply to Facebook because of its Dublin-based international HQ."

Make sure you head down to the 5th paragraph and see the pdf example of what gets sent to you... if shows you exactly what they keep.

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Here, have a banana.

Hello Facebook douchebag, yes, Im talking to you.

IF you read that and felt insulted, You are a Facebook douchebag.
IF you read that and thought I was talking to facebook people who just happen to be douchebags... Read on if you feel like it.

Way too many of you facebook douchbags are showing up talking about how Google+ is better because they can now play 'games' without feeling like they are spamming their 'friends'. That is douchebag

Facebook has lists for ages... It also has massive amouts of groups and pages where you could go and get 'friends' to add to give you the stupid gifts you needed to build a cow. You could add those to people to a list and NEVER EVER bother your 'real' friends with that shit.

What you really mean when you talk about how much better Google+ is this...

You're starting from the beginning again and its just fucking easier to sort people out into the right circles. You fucked up your own facebook experience by not getting your shit together.

So, facebook douchebag wake the fuck up and own the fact.

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This is what MArk Zuckerburg's Google+ profile looked like before somebody, with social skills, suggested he upload a new picture.

I think more stupid pictures and animated gifs have been posted and shared on Google+ in the last 3 days than the whole 3 months of the closed beta.

I knew it was going to be bad... but.. dam.

IF you could be circled by just one 'famous' person, who would you want it to be ?

In case everybody is wondering, Pauly Shore is not on Google+, so I need to find somebody else.
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