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Ugh, I started feeling bad last night, and I feel terrible this morning. I cannot be getting sick right now.

What's a good remote desktop app to use for accessing my PC (Windows 7 Home Premium x64/Linux Mint 12) from my Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Got myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on clearance at Target for 50% off. That plus my discount and the additional RedCard discount brought it down to to just over $200!

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Settlers of Catan + old cardboard box + spare time = Catan card caddy!
I'll probably make a nicer one out of wood eventually.

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Great video! I get asked all the time about several of the things this video covers.

I finally got off my butt and ran a few miles. When I was finished and my face was dripping with sweat, my phone's face-unlock couldn't recognize me. Go figure.

I finally decided to push a leaked Samsung ICS build to my E4GT, and it feels so much smoother and overall better. I'm also loving the face unlock (most of the time).

Anyone here who is the praying type, please pray for me now. I need it badly.

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