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Hazel Hues
Girl, you heal me in ways A Shaman couldn’t interpret Make me feel alive in ways Angels couldn’t resurrect Utopia came a-knockin’ at my bedroom door I didn’t ask ‘who is it?’ ’cause I had already known You sure are a sight for sore eyes Where you been hidin...

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Starless Sight
Looking up
at the sky I see no
reason why The moon
shouldn't shine tonight   Because it's
our first honeymoon Only me and
you And the moon
that wouldn't shine tonight   It's a Starless
night And you're
looking more than alright Your eyes
are a Starless Sigh...

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Note : Happy Valentine's Day! As we laid next to each other Utterly motionless I remembered that all the time we'd spent together Was completely Emotionless...

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Your eyes, hypnotic My dreams, erotic Your beauty, exotic My love, Quixotic...

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False Praise
In loving me you gave me the power of being
worshiped, by the touch of your lips I obligated my heart to you but you owed me
nothing Yet you made me stand out as figure to be
revered, an idol to be awed of I gave my life for you but you gave me
nothing I re...

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Three Words
Was it something I never said, or was it everything that I had said so much? Wasn't last weekend the best time we ever
had, or was it just bad luck? You waited for those Three Words, I love you I thought that actions spoke louder than
words, yet I'll confes...

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Hopeless Romantic
Yes, I'm a Hopeless Romantic As I'm hopelessly in love with you I'm a love addict I only get high when I'm with you When we touched there was a static I noticed my heartbeats reacted to yours In this world, we're only one as a pair Everything on this planet...

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Just Pray (2016)
Dear Friends, I recently made a public service announcement and posted it on YouTube. You can check it out here: (Just Pray) Do tell me what you thought about it in the comments below. Thanks for watching!
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