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Jessup Makeup Brushes - Review
Hey dolls! So as you can probably gather from my previous blog posts, I love buying luxuries but often find that I do not like paying full price for said items. I have been eyeing the Sigma brushes for almost a year now, but I seriously cannot bring myself ...

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Why I NEVER shampoo my hair! (Herbal Essences Naked - Dupe for Wen?)
About 3 months ago I completely stopped washing my
hair with shampoo and conditioner. Sounds gross right? But what if you could
skip washing (and blow drying / styling) your hair every day or even every 3
days? I was intrigued. Anything that could save me t...

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RC (Royal Care) Cosmetics - Professional 12 Piece Brush Set Review - Sigma Dupes?
Hi everyone! Let me just start off by saying how impressed I was with these brushes! For the VERY inexpensive price (less than the price of 1 MAC or other high-end face brush) these brushes are amaze-balls! AND you get 12!! Whaaat?! Now keep in mind, becaus...
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