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GO spaceX!!
Can't wait to see a smooth touch down of the first stage.
THX for bringing back innovation!
Introducing Landing Complex 1, formerly Launch Complex 13, at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

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Leap seconds are the stupidest idea in the history of time. Leap seconds are even stupider than giving the 12th month a name that means 10th month. Leap seconds are even stupider than February.

There's another one coming at you this summer.

Christmas Present: AC/DC live at Zeltweg Austria LET THERE BE ROCK

Samsung EVO 840 -> New definition of SPEED 

Installed Win8.1 on my machine today with Office 365. Smooth experience and great cloud integration! Well done Microsoft!

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Post has attachment landed in angular 1.3 beta10 can't wait to get my hands on

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For all angular interested developers who couldn't aford to attend the ng-conf in the US. The talks are ONLINE.
ENJOY the future of webdev :)

hab mich grad mit meiner neuen iptables konfiguration aus dem eigenen server ausgesperrt.

ach blöde security!

@ könnte mir ev. jemand bei der konfiguration behilflich sein. blick bei dem ganzen parameter salat einfach nicht durch
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