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Call now and we'll double your order for free.

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terrible situation involving friends of mine... please contact police at tip line below if you have any information.
On Sunday, July 24th, 3 women were robbed and assaulted while walking through Days Park in Buffalo NY. one of them was my wife, Lindsay Buckley. The crime took place 30 feet from the "Neighborhood Watch" sign, yet not a single person assisted the victims as they cried for help. This level of cowardice and indifference to ones neighbor shames a community that we have called our own for 2 years. if you have ANY information on the one man who did it, please contact the buffalo police department tip line at 716-847-2255. All calls are confidential. 

A William Mattar commercial followed by an Airport Plaza Jewelers commercial. The universe has a sick sense of humor. #ihateyougobye

Want to feel real old? Salt-N-Pepa "Push It" was released 25 years ago..

Some guy asked me to sign a petition outside of Wilson Farms. Naturally this gave me so much anxiety i ran straight into a glass door.
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