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Filippo Vitanza

I'm a young website/software developer. I have been programming for 3 years now and I have learnt some languages (Java, PHP, Javascript and C/C++). I'm currently working on several PHP projects and studying OOD. I love mathematics and I am interested in telecommunications networks and artificial neural networks.
Nice to meet you all. ^ ^

Thanks for the good wishes and Merry Christmas to you all! ^ ^

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A few months ago, I learnt about an emerging programming language, Ceylon, which captured my interest. Its goal is "to make a clean break with the legacy Java SE platform, by improving upon the Java language
and class libraries, and by providing a modular architecture for a new platform based upon the Java Virtual Machine" and it is developed under open source licenses. I take a look at the language specification from time to time and occasionally find interesting features. The most appealing one is the full adoption of the mathematical set theory. In fact, every Object-oriented Programming language known until now has only the extension mechanism and cannot support neither of the other fundamental set operations. Therefore, I think this adoption is a giant step forward for the OOP and, consequently, for the Object-oriented Design.
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