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Wallace Ingalls
I am currently cyber stalking myself. It's kind of like masterbation only a lot more work. I have a restraining order against me.
I am currently cyber stalking myself. It's kind of like masterbation only a lot more work. I have a restraining order against me.

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This is what puts Google a cut above the rest. +Comcast take note! If you go to this little spot in existence, these folks will actually come and help you.
NO POOP SMELLS : meaning, true true, NO SH%IT. Facebook and Twitter don't have this. Even though The Twitter, well, they love me, they do

For clarification purposes:
I consider all of life art & some of us do stuff we call art, but in a placed loved and respected by all the world and possibly the heavens, a true level of genius exists, that is the realm of the "artiste" in which a person doing artwork reaches a absolute pinnacle of accomplishment as did the musical group Pink Floyd with their work "The Wall." Very few reach this level to me. What level you say; There were days in my life when I could NOT listen "The Wall" because I was afraid that I was gong to find ANOTHER meaning. Therefore I have only 3 artiste in my world and they are truly a cut above the rest & I share them b/c all I can say is that they have made mu life better, so thank you: +RC deWinter, +David De'Vere, +Thomas Broadfoot for sharing your works with me, in some way they have had an effect on my life. You are quite frankly THE WALL of artistic achievement!

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Thomas Broadfoot, one of the best artist on the web today. I recommend his work highly; he is one of 3 creative people I feel are at a level I call "artiste." I would akin his works to the same level that I feel for Pink Floyd "The Wall" within the music community - further explanation, this album alone holds a level of attainment I would say is a mark above them all. It is the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel of Album's. Now that I have that established, I just wanted to say that I did not know you were taking pictures of my home in Alabama. JOKING, I WAS JOKING!!!!
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#HillaryClinton2016   #Network4Hillary   #ImWithHer  

Good morning! Network for Hillary! Is your opportunity to share with friends something for Hillary every morning over your choice of breakfast beverage...g.

Featuring “What Hillary Clinton said after becoming the first woman to top a major-party presidential ticket..."

If you only do one thing on Hillary's behalf today ~ Do this!

Gail Mountain is an Editor for Progressive Democrats - Moving Forward Not Back
and she has another blogspot named

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Process, rare, complete and beautiful.   In my opinion, +RC deWinter is the top artiste of our day.  There is nothing quite like being painted by a world class artiste if your looking for a gift for that one you love!   and............yes, it is
Pants on Fire

Every day I struggle to make real
that which never was, never can be.
I lie in pixels, lie in words;
I lie when I do nothing but breathe.
I have built a life from a wasteland,
prettifying the leftovers of dreams
that one by one are shattered
each morning when I open my eyes.
Somewhere deep inside lives a core of truth,
but I'm not sure I would recognize it
even could I find it.
So I show you what lives only in the moonlight
of my mind, and, smiling with you
as you toss rosepetals on the thorny ground
of the precipice on which we stand,
hope neither of us will step off the edge.

© 2016 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved
Painting: Desert Cliff © 2016 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved
#art #poetry

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Why hasn't the Sanders Campaign filed voter fraud complaints in any of the states that he won? If Hillary Clinton is part of a secret network that is taking part in voter fraud and the process is rigged, it seems that at least one of the states that Bernie Sanders has won in would have some voter fraud to report too, huh? People are crying voter fraud and looking for bullets to claim voter fraud that DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE PRIMARY PROCESS. But there is a correct expression to phrase this action by his supporters: SORE LOSERS.

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+Gail Mountain +Joy-Ann Reid Your right, Womens History does matter! BECAUSE IT IS HERSTORY. I invite you and EVERYONE to join in this celebration of the moment we have before us now For 167 years women have been fighting for equal rights. It is time to experience this long struggle reaching a point of great success. I created this piece for Facebook pages, but it has had many great reactions from people that enjoy it and know some or all of the faces. These are just a few, but the women in this piece have had a significant effect on the advancement of our country. Do you see faces you recognize? My favorite of all of these is in the right corner, Maya Angelou and Gloria Steinem walking arm in arm during a protest in the 70's. #VoteBlue #ImWithHer #Hillary2016 #Women #Politics #History
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