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Hargrave Martial Arts
Hargrave Martial Arts the world of real karate and jeet kune do
Hargrave Martial Arts the world of real karate and jeet kune do


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Hargrave Martial Arts Self Defense in Action

These are a few of Carter Hargrave Martial Arts students who have used their martial arts skill I have taught them to defend their lives. Many of them are beginners who if they were taking lessons somewhere else would not have survived.

11 yr old student severely bullied at school on a daily basis by larger stronger student. Student (yellow belt) after having his lunch tray dumped on the floor yet again, in front of entire grade (and principle) in lunch room struck bully in throat and took him to the floor. My student was suspended for a few days, but immediately after the school principle whispered "that was cool, where did you learn that".

7 yr old student attacked on school bus with scissors. Student (yellow belt) disarmed attacker and took him to the bus floor.

10 yr old student attacked by a 12 yr old with a hammer. Student (yellow belt) disarmed attacker and slammed him on the ground.

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Classes taught by Tulsa's only Grandmaster 10th Degree Black Belt Carter Hargrave

The state of martial arts in America is not what it should be. In Japan to even open a school you must be a Master Instructor (Fifth Degree Black Belt). In Oklahoma you would be hard pressed to find a school with a single Master Instructor in any city. To even rank to Black Belt you must be a Second Degree Black, and many schools don't even have that minimum qualification. How sad.

Ask yourself this question. Do you want to be taught by some guy at a strip mall with who knows what or where his training came from. To be taught by a non Black Belt, or do you want a direct line of training to the ultimate Martial Artist Bruce Lee. At Hargrave Martial Arts you get the Bruce Lee training and a official worldwide recognized certificate. You don't have to settle for less.

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