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Happy New Year! I figured it was a good time to do another wrap up of everything Google is working on. It's a good bet we'll see some of this stuff in 2015.

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Panasonic looking at ur need else BOSCH
Buying a new refrigerator... confused......

Why is the freezer compartment at the top?? Its ergonomic to have the freezer below and normal fridge above? No?

Yeh, there are a few models with freezer at the bottom but they are 1 in a 100.

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See the complete evolution of Google's Nexus phone in one GIF:
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I thought this could be shared here.

#GooglePlus as an app on android is far far better than #Facebook app

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Would like to explore India :)

only +google+ can compete with +Adobeflashplayer when it comes to regular updates on +android +googleplaystore
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