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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Wtf. Why on earth would you slip in that brainwashed church bullshit at the end. Go fuck yourself. 

Thomas Shue

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Woo Hoo, I just compiled TinyG2v9k (my board is a v9k).. However I do not have an Atmel Sam-Ice Programmer ($109), so I will have to figure out the command line install method. Linux here I come for now (I guess)
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+Thomas Shue
You can use a 2.50$ usbasp with patched firmware.I programmed my DIY TinyG board exactly with that.
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Thomas Shue

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testing hangouts for the first itme
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Thomas Shue. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Sat, June 27, 2015, 1:50 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Thomas Shue

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I love the G+ community format and its for this reason I started this group.  I don't look for this place to replace a forum, a wiki,  or an IRC, however it could turn out to be a valuable asset when playing with the TinyG motion controller. 

Welcome to the community. T
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Thomas Shue

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TinyG V8 FW Updating questions. I the image below, its the Synth Updater App. It shoes my TinyG V8 is on COM9 with 384.04 installed. The Master current is 380.08. When I look at the releases on github, they show a different set of numbers. Latest 339.02 -> are these releases the latest code-base yet to be compiled?

Is there a list in order of the builds? Is 384.04 a custom build that was installed on the board before shipment?  Is it possible to use the App to flash to an earlier version? 

Sorry for the random questions here. Thanks, T
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+Riley Porter
Sorry, I'm on the road. Let me know what works.
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Thomas Shue

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+Todd Fleming Hi Todd. having a problem in JScut... I set up a part as multiple paths. The outside, and inside (the holes).  If I try to select the holes and create a first or second operation, it give me a circle warning in JScut. It says change the circles to a path in InkScape. Well I use Illustrator, and all of the circles are indeed paths.  

The link  below shows the circle warning in JScut

This link below shows the holes selected as a group of paths in illustrator.

I am trying to do what you told me before which was to separate the outside from the inside operations so I can control when the outside of the part gets cut out. 

Sorry, o bother you again about this, still trying to get a workflow setup for my buddy. He is a real mess. He uses Flexisign to create stuff. then had to send it to AI just to convert to SVG (what a mess).. He is too stubborn to learn a new package, I say whatever.

If I can get this grouping of paths working for JScut, I can be done with him.. (for now at least) 
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Well I asked for help on the CP G+ community. The code works. Maybe we didn't wait long enough for it to load the code. 
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Thomas Shue

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Just got back from the first leg of moving from LV to KC (23 hours one way). Last leg happens in 3 days, but I still fund some time to test the new V8 board. 

Just sent 21921 lines of Gcode to it via +ChiliPeppr  . Its working like a champ. Thanks +Riley Porter  , now to get the move behind me and do some builds, and cut some parts!
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Very nice!
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Thomas Shue

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Hey, who can I talk to about possibly changing the way G+ displays each comment. I have a great idea to make G+ a much more user friendly environment for all platforms. 

I just want to know how to contact the Dev Team, and or how to join this team to test some of my ideas. I really have some good stuff to offer. 
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So there is no Dev team specifically that we can converse with. Feedback tool, well to me this isn't a very effective way to communicate. I know there must be a G+ team and lead. I will dig much deeper and find them.

G+  is a cool place, however the formatting is extremely limiting. At minimum, there should be a button to open a thread as a full page.  Also there should be a image upload button (instead of having upload a photo then paste a link).

It seems that would be a simple task.Click a button, and it opens a G+ image folder (in your G+ photos), and then pastes the link in a post automatically.  Even I could do that. 

Also it would be nice to have a My posts tab (like the mentions), so I can look at all of the response activity quickly, and in one place. 

Personally I like G+, but many folks I have invited to my community's rather use a forum or Google Groups than G+.  I think G+ needs to keep tweaking to make it better and better every day. Most of all, they need to remain Ad free :).

Well the search continues. Thanks for your time in response. 
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Thomas Shue

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Ok lets talk some TinyG2/V9.  +Alden Hart +Riley Porter 

I have been bugging the crap out of John trying to clarify the simplest of questions. You see I always look the info offered literally, and this often over complicates things for me. 

Anyways here is a set of instructions given to flash the TG2/V9 via the Arduino Due IDE. (link there

Step 3a - Program TinyG2 onto the Due Using Arduino Tools

From Cmd line they say to Change Directory to

-> cd %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Arduino\hardware\tools

After that go ahead and run these commands. 
--> mode COM6 BAUD=2400
Then -> bossac.exe --port=COM6 -e -w -v -b %HOMEPATH%\Downloads\TinyG2_Due_rob_usbtest.bin -R

OK, I get what is happening. I am supposed to sub the COM6 for my COM. Easier said then done. First off it was not clear how to get the TinyG2/v9 board to even be recognized by window as a com.

The only way I could do it was to copy the TinyGv2.inf from git hub to my pc, then update the driver for the TinyGv2 that was populated  two times in the "Other Devices" of the Windows device manger  (Yellow triangle with Exclamation). I hat to Right Click and manually update driver. I had to browse to the TinyGv2.inf and load it as a driver. It was then that one of the two TinyGv2 "Other Devices" icons become a port 10 device called TinyG v2 (Control Channel) (COM10) you can see it here . That only took and hour or so to figure out, lol

So now I am supposed to run " mode COM6 BAUD=2400 " but sub my com.  "mode COM10 BAUD=2400 " This defines COM10's baud rate to 2400 correct?

Next I am supposed to run " bossac.exe --port=COM6 -e -w -v -b %HOMEPATH%\Downloads\TinyG2_Due_rob_usbtest.bin -R"

Well I have no bossac.exe in the ProgramFiles\(x86)\Arduino\hardware\tools folder. I am running the latest Arduino IDE 1.6.5 r2. and the only place I can find anything that says bossac is  bossac.inf  and its C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\drivers  in a zip folder called 

Can you please break down this string for me.
bossac.exe --port=COM6 -e -w -v -b %HOMEPATH%\Downloads\TinyG2_Due_rob_usbtest.bin -R"

Correct me if I am wrong, since we are in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\tools directory, that command is trying to run the bossac.exe (but I don't have this .exe) next it defines the port for the TinyGv2 (again mine is COM10), then I have no clue what -e -w -v -b is, (can someone explain please), next it defines the HOMEPATH to the compiled G2 code base, which from that string says look in the downloads folder for a file called TinyG2_Due_rob_usbtest.bin,  and and load it to the TGv2 board.

Again, please can someone tell me what the -e -w -v -b are called, and what they do. Lastly at the end of the string I see a -R, that must be reset right?

Guys, I am not a real coder and I do not have a lot of experience  working in cmd line. I want to learn so I can at least explain it well enough in a video so others that know even less than I (if that's possible, lol) can get an easier start using these boards. 

In summary, I don't have a bossac.exe,  and if I do, its for sure isn't located in the  ProgramFiles\(x86)\Arduino\hardware\tools folder. I am happy I have TinyGv2 on Com10. I am going to see if I can putty in, or coolTerm in.. Just as I started to get a handle on V8, now I am on V9... This is a good thing, and I cant wait to share my journey.  
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+Thomas Shue I also got your board back. Yup you did not have a bootloader.  I slapped one on there, then used the tg-updater.  All worked fine :)  Thanks for getting that back so i could figure out what was going on.
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Thomas Shue

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TinyG Flashing Via Avrdude. I was told that if my board didn't have some other issue this method of flashing with Avrdude would work.
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I was hoping to find out information for LED readouts.  I have D7 PWM staying on Red and have no idea how to correct it. 
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Thomas Shue

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I am not uber fluent in the differences between Google Groups and Google+ Communities.
FWIW, I prefer the Google Groups interface over communities for detailed discussions - the Community UI wastes too much screen space (my opinion).
But everyone has a personal preference and mine is no better than yours.
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Thomas Shue

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Can someone peek at this Gcode and tell me why the tool moves a few MM at the start then the tool stops (it runs in the CP sim just fine). I can run the Chilipeppr (mm) logo and the machine works fine.

The JSCut generated Gcode (see link below) that stops the tool a few mm of movement into the routine.
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I did see a problem in the GCode sender options. He had Multi Line Upload Mode Set  to Yes, Use Multi-Line Mode (Default) <-- this is fine, but the had 1000 lines (needs to be like 100)

Delay Per Gcode Upload Event (i.e. per line) set to 2ms, and it needs to be 1000ms

The Json Server/TinyG buffer (in the port list)  was at 4000, and the TinyG buffer (just below Freehold) was as 34/34.

So if you read back to where I wrote it seems like the TinyG is getting slammed with too much Gcode, I was kind of right.  

So I set him up, and the machine ran first time no problems. On the last path, his spoiler board shifted and (the g10 being cut too) and broke the bit.  I guess my Torque settings are good, :)

I hope he is good to go, he need to get his clamping system, as well as dust collection up and going.   I think I am done with him..... wait, I still have to help him with his RB Pi2 Grrrr. 
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