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I just looked at Google Plus for the first time in month. Argh! Animated GIFs everywhere! Reformatting columns! Everything's moving around!

Running back to Facebook to hide.

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A couple months back I wrote up an account of my problems with Google Adsense. A friend recently pointed out this Adsense Community on Google+ as a good place to get advice and feedback on such things. At this point I've replaced the Google Ads on the site in question with "Ads for Things I Like" which doesn't make me any money, but makes me happy. However, some of my relatives would still be interested in using Google Ads, and I wouldn't mind having that option someday for future projects, so I'd be interested in people's ideas and reactions.

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A long-form description of my experience with the Google AdSense kangaroo court.

Frustrating day. Wrote a new hunk of code for a client, got it fully tested and debugged and was ready to upload it to the production server, so I start typing "scp slightly.modified.file" and am about to type the server name so it'll send both files, but have a momentary brain fart and hit return instead. So it overwrites the brand new file with a copy of the slightly modified file. I don't know why "scp" thinks it should do local copies, but if it insists on pretending to be a super "cp", then I wish it would respect the settings I have that tell "cp" to ask before overwriting files.

So I resumed my campaign to get a version control system set up on the project, and made no noticeable headway because the production server doesn't have subversion or even cvs installed and getting it installed seems to be difficult because there are some layers of "I don't wanna" and "it might be hard" between me and a root account.

So I wound up getting pretty much nothing done. Foo. I wish I felt I could bill my customer for this time, but it just doesn't seem right, since the end product was nuttin.

I just disabled the CAPS LOCK key on my laptop. Now it works as another shift key. Much, much better. I never use CAPS LOCK on purpose. It's just something that comes on accidentally and messes things up.

I overheard a middle schooler talking about someone "hacking into a game" to figure out how it worked. On further inquiry, I discovered that this meant he had read the publicly available source code. So it seems that the depreciation of the verb "to hack" is continuing at breakneck speed.

So one of my OCD hobbies is documenting the microscopic differences in the behavior of event handlers in different web browsers. The story of the years I've been doing this has been a slow convergence toward standards, except for IE which remained stolidly unmoved by the whims of fashion, incompatible with everything. And then a miracle occurred. They fixed the event handling in IE 9.0. Pretty much all of it, so far as I can tell. Some of the things they fixed they kept a secret - their documentation still describes only the old broken behavior - but pretty much the biggest thing that annoyed me about programming for IE is gone. It's mind bending. It's as if IE is turning into a real browser. Who would have believed it?

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So half of what I do isn't geeky enough to interest anyone on Google+, and the rest is too geeky., like this page I just wrote: . I guess I'm just the wrong kind of geek.

Well, the voters got what they wanted: no more business as usual in Washington.

During the last decade I've interrupted a lifetime of non-singing with an awful lot of lullabies, and this has given me cause to wonder if, in advanced colleges of singing, they tell you how to deal with that little tickle in the nose that first hints that a sneeze is coming and then gradually escalates into a horrible nasal agony as the unexploded sneeze tries to turn your face inside out, or with the other bodily emanations like burps and coughs that similarly draw the mind away from the ethereal plain and make holding a note as difficult as navigating to the end of this seeming endless sentence, which I seem to recall was a question and so should end with a question mark?
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