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Capitalism's Crisis is Morgan's Opportunity
Paul Henry a NACT media mouthpiece and maverick capitalist Gareth Morgan fall out over how to save capitalism As a Marxist I never thought I would say it, but Gareth Morgan, founder of The Opportunities Party (TOP), is to the left of Labour and the Greens o...

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How (not) to smash fascism
  There is a lot of crying out now about ‘fascism’ with the ascension of Trump. Trump may be a crypto-, neo-, semi-, proto-fascist leader, but as yet he is not the head of a fascist movement nor in charge of a fascist regime. In order to fight and defeat fa...

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1917-2017: Happy Bolshevik New Year!
    New Years celebrations are bitter sweet, reflecting past failures and future hopes. Except New Year today has lost its significance. It is a cultural hangover alienated from its origins as the celebration of mid-winter. While observing Matariki (litera...

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John Key – Agent of Finance Capital
Emmerson - NZ Herald 6 December 2016 Prime Minister John Key’s sudden resignation has created a flurry on the surface of NZ politics. Left, Right and Centre are writing political obituaries about his “legacy”. Legacies refer to what politicians have done to...

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Climate Crash: The case for Survival Socialism.
  Climate is crashing The recent news about the lack of ice in the Arctic has “shocked” mainstream climate scientists even if a few have been predicting such abrupt changes for years. Paul Beckwith is one of the latter. His work focuses mainly on the Arctic...

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Trumped, Stumped and Dumped
The fear and loathing of the
triumph of Trump has called forth the usual load of garbage trying to fathom
the causes and consequences. Was it endemic white racism? (Is there any other
kind?) Was it the criminal Clintons? No, it’s not about race, or the Clin...

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Karl Marx: Revolutionary Scientist
Statues of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in Berlin The disinterring of Marx today is now common, even if the body dug up
is usually not that of Marx but imposters like Zizek who claim to be
Marxists but are really academics who never organise the workers...

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Syria Fact Sheet: Victory to the Revolution!
Rebel fighters hold their weapons as they take their positions near the
town of Kafr Nabuda in Hama province, Syria, Oct. 11, 2015. The Syrian
army, backed by allied militias, has made advances in western Syria
after heavy Russian airstrikes. (photo by R...

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Kashmir: As Tension Mounts on Indo-Pak Border, Entire Opposition, Including the Stalinist-left, Throws its Weight Behind the War-Hysteria, Fascism and the Saffron Government
Sonia Gandhi, President of the Congress Party, in bed with the Saffron regime and Stalinists On Wednesday, September 28, Indian armed forces allegedly carried out military expedition, termed as ‘surgical strikes’ 3 kms inside the Pak administered region of ...
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