Miami/South Florida Circle of People & Brands to Follow on Google+

The #SouthFlorida +Google+ community continues to grow at an incredibly fast rate! If you are from the area and want to be added to the circle just let me know in the comments below and feel free to share the circle! This is the perfect circle to add if you are from the area and want to keep on top of the scene! Some of the local brand pages included are: +The Miami Herald, +Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library, +Miami's Vice City Rollers, +South Florida Music Scene, +Queen Of The Scene, +Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, +DJ IRIE, +Junior Achievement of Greater Miami, +Catalyst Miami, +Miami Marlins, +Fort Lauderdale Online, +Miami Beach 411, +Fort Lauderdale Air Tours, +Diskheads - Ultimate Frisbee, +Homemade Chefs, +Doodlers Anonymous, +JLPR, +Biscayne Nature Center, +Coconut Grove, +Loaded Pants, +Neighbors 4 Neighbors, +Oh! Sushi, +Lexus of North Miami, +LegalArt, +Miami Circle, +WSVN-TV, +Miami Bike Report +Miami Fashion Bloggers Official Google+ Page, +The Paradise Fund, +r/Miami, +SocialBuzzONAIR, +Miamism, +BEACH DAY, +Miami Design District, +Queen Dementia and many many more!

The circle also includes some amazing and engaging South Florida locals like: +Emily SiXx, +Michelle Marie, +Muse TD, +Ant J, +Alejandro Fernandez-Lovo, +Hugo Seijas, +Valerie V, +Lori Garrote, +Trish Forant, +Kat Khatibi, +German Nino, +Ines Hegedus-Garcia, +Yass Rebel, +J Sal, +Jennifer Medina, +Gio Taylor, +Amanda Soler, +William Kilby, +Pris Killingly, +Hanae Kimura, +Bette Ann Schlossberg, +Carms Perez, +Yoko Moonstar, +MiKe McDonough, +Krysty Ramdathsingh, +Erin Lynne, +jessi roman, +Gabrielle Bozza, +Sara Ataie, +Lou Arevalo, +Heather Frey, +Natalie Smallish, +Melly Pereda, +Madeline Muñoz-Bustamante, +Jamie Sherman, +Joby Remigio, +Lisa Johnson, +Natascha Otero, +Henry A. Otero, +Yami Colmenero, +Gabriel Guzman, +Dwyane Wade, +LeBron James, +Santiago Rompotis, +Alejandro del Castillo, +Janie Coffey, +Liza Walton, +Lisa Gluckstern, +Jav Noobimentia, +Robert McGee, +Jose Alexander Santillan, +Anna Kopper, +Hiram Pierre, +Sarah Elles Boggs, +Lia Paul, and tons tons more!!

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