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Bettercloud Tools>User>Password
I would like to use this tool to expire the passwords (without changing them) on a specific org of approx 150 users.
Is there any limit to how many users it can run on at once?
How long would it take to do 150 users?
Thanks to anyone with experience.

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We've asked for years for a "last password change date" field in Google, but they don't provide that info.
Does anyone know how often Google's Password Monitoring analysis runs? We got hacked and I'm forcing some new security requirements, but the password monitoring is not keeping up with the changes people make.

Corollary: Is there any way I can force the analysis to run?

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BetterCloud user reports include 3 different fields: Google Apps Login,  Last Gmail Access, and Webmail Access. Does anyone know what each of these is specifically? They show different dates for the same user.


Is there any way to pull a list of users that have the box checked for "Require user to change password at next sign-in"?
We expired all users to force them to change their passwords.
Now we'd like to see who hasn't done so a month later, as this would indicate unneeded accounts. 

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Its a 7 or 8. The first monster thing it did was ease managing group memberships. Then it let us add external contacts to our domain address book. Then they added visibility into calendars, delegates, forwarding, aliases, sites, and finally drives - it really does a LOT of good stuff. The downside is the unexpected outages; it will go along for months and then suddenly some function isn't working. They may be able to fix it right away, and maybe not - sometimes its Google that has changed something and they have to play catchup. So we our Google admin console skills oiled and have other apps like GAM just to have some backup. But we would not want to have to do our jobs without Bettercloud.
On a scale 10 being good one being bad, how has BetterCloud helped your 1st Line support, has it improved ease of ability? I am new to it, just curious if you have any major down sides versus the upside?

Is there someplace that lists all the things you can search for under Reports>Audit>Admin?
I can see events in the general listing and search for more of the same. And when I start to type something in the event name field it drops down a list of suggestions. Do they actually post all the possible event names anyplace for reference? I haven't found it in the Help file yet.

Does the Bettercloud report on delegates see all delegates, or only those assigned thru Bettercloud?

Can Bettercloud or Google report on users who have forwarding turned on?

I'm hoping to identify unused mailboxes by combining reports on: days since last login, last password change, and delegate access, but also considering forwarding.

Any suggestions on a better way?

Is it possible to edit the Welcome Email for new users? We would like to add instructions for turning on Google 2-step.

When a user exits, we try to get someone else to take ownership of their google drive. If no one steps up, I'd like to just remove sharing on the files so that they disappear for their collaborators but are still in the system. Then if they miss something, I can find and reassign it from the exited user's account, which we hold for a period after exit. Bettercloud lets me list and select all files the user owns, but when I try to remove collaborators it wants me to enter specific addresses. Making a list of all the collaborators on every file would be prohibitively time consuming. It would be very useful if there was a way to remove all sharing from the selected files.
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