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Google Apps Alert: Suspicious login detected - Google has started emailing our domain administrators whenever they detect a suspicious login attempt on any account. At first we were thrilled, then we were bombarded. Whenever anyone goes on vacation or business trip and checks their email from another ip, we get the suspicious login alert. We've even had alert emails when someone stepped over to another floor in our building and checked their email, alert! alert! suspicious login attempt! The last thing you need to do to someone traveling with just a phone is change their password for no good reason, especially if you don't have a way to reach them to tell them the new password. We've had 23 alerts since this started at the beginning of this month, several every week, and not one of them has been a genuine problem. We are no longer changing passwords, we just call around and confirm where the person is today. This warning system sounds like a good idea, but the false positives are too many cries of wolf, we can't stay on high alert forever. Which means if there ever is a real hack, Google will be able to say 'told you so' and we'll be in trouble, but how can we possibly function with this as it is?