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Battery Pack Containment System 3D Model
Now I have just burned about 30 hours of my life to design a battery containment system for the 24 LiFePO4 cells that will power it. Here is the 3D model: It will bolt in on the same mounts that used to attach the engine. This will be laser cut and tab toge...

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E-Bomb Comes Alive! Electric Motorcycle First Run
Yesterday I was finally able to get the controller programmed. I used the Alltrax software and had no problems whatsoever. It was very simple to use. I then spent most of the day wiring with 4 gauge cable. I custom built all the wires because I could not bu...

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Connecting Up The Batteries For The First Time
Last weekend I connected up the batteries all in series and measured voltage at 80 volts (24 LiFePO4 Cells). I then put then on the charger for the first time and that brought them up to 86 volts in about 15 minutes. I then connected the high voltage batter...
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